Meri Durga 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Yashpal is seeing one child at Book Depot. He purchased one book from there. Yashpal is going there and asks about the book which he purchased from there. Then the Book-seller says, this is sample paper book which is having last 4-5 question paper. If any of the children solve this book then he/she will be getting ready for an examination. Yashpal purchased this book for Durga.

Here a sweet maker is calling Yashpal because Yashpal ordered some sweets there. He says to Yashpal that why are you getting late, here I am standing with the sweets. Yashpal thinks that he already purchased a book worth Rs. 50 then he drops his idea to purchase sweets. He says to sweet maker that you have to pack boondi sweet for me. Sweet Maker gets angry but he gives the sweet to him.

Meri Durga 3rd February 2017 Written Update:-

Here all people in Yashpal village are flying a kite and  a song plays on”Dheel Dheel Dede Dede Re Bhaiya.” Durga is studying in the store room because she is just trying to keep herself away from the kites. Here Baby Mausi is coming. Annapurna welcomes her. They both meets dadi and gives best wishes to her on this sakranti festival. Dadi gives a lot of blessings to her. Chachi smirks to see this. Later Chachi gets Dulari’s call.

She takes Dulari’s phone and she talks to her after to go inside the store room where Durga is studying. Here Chachi’s daughter is running inside and says that I get my pizza. Dadi says her to share this pizza with Durga too. She gets angry but she goes inside the store room  but when she sees her mother during to talk to someone about Yashpal. Then, she stops her mother. She tells that Durga is present here and you are back bicthing about her father.

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Baby is coming at Durga’s home. Durga comes out and then asks what do you bring for me? Durga comes out and asks you are coming alone? She says that no I am not coming alone, I brought something for you. You just close your eyes. Durga closes her eyes. Then, Baby gives a kite to her. After to see the kite, Durga gets excited to see this.

Meri Durga 3rd February 2017 Written Episode:-

Here Brijesh is flying the kite and he calls Durga again and again. He calls where are you Durga? Here your chacha’s nose cut down. You have to come here and save my respect. Durga comes there. Brijesh says her to fly the kite and save his respect. Later Durga’s friend is saying that Durga left this work and she won’t fly kite. But Durga says that I will fly the kite and save my chacha’s respect. Durga is running to catch the kite after to cut down.  Here Durga’s friends are running to catch the same kite. But Durga is using her complete power and she is about to catch the kite. Her friends are calling her name Durga, Durga again and again just to encourage her.

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