Meri Durga 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which Durga is running towards the kite. In between, she strikes with Yashpal and then starts to play with the kite. Here the book and sweets are falling down on the road from Yashpal’s hand. He gets angry to see Yashpal there. Durga comes back and takes a book in her hand. She looks on. Yashpal gets angry and then says to all that he never want to see Durga face from now onwards.

Here the Pandit ji, and the Groom’s family members are coming at Yashpal’s house. Annapurna serves samosa to them. Boy’s mother is asking that I think you people like samosa a lot. All people laughs. Boy’s mother says that we people can eat different-different breakfast in the morning because we hate to see same food daily. Now a day, children like Pizza a lot.

Meri Durga 4th February 2017 Written Update:-

Here Durga is crying a lot. She decides to burn all the kites on the terrace. She says that I never see any pain in my dad’s eyes. If these kites are giving pain to him then I burn all of these. Thereafter I study hard and will become something as my father want to see me. She brings out all kites and starts to burn them one by one. Here Pandit ji is seeing their kundali’s and says that both are a good match.

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But if we look after, the marriage date of these children then next month 12th date is good for the marriage. Boy’s mother gets so happy but Yashpal and his wife are getting shocked to see this. Boy’s mother is asking Yashpal that he is ok with the marriage date or not? Yashpal says I am ok but my daughter Durga, her exam will fall near to this date. It seems like she gets to disturbed by this.

Here Durga burns all the kites and due to which Shilpa’s kurti is getting burn indirectly because of the fire. Shilpa comes there and gets shocked to see this kurti. Ganga and Shilpa are getting into the fight very badly. Here Yashpal is not ready for the marriage. But Boy’s mother is saying that why are you thinking about Durga’s study. Even Amrita’s marriage is more important as compared to Durga’s study.

Meri Durga 4th February 2017 Written Episode:-

Durga and Shilpa are coming downside. Shilpa cries a lot. All people including desk are getting shocked to see this. Yashpal asks Shilpa what happened? Shilpa says Durga burned my brand new kurti. She cries. Chachi gets angry to see this. But Bua ji is also coming there and says that your Durga is not serious for her studies. So that it’s important to look after the Amrita’s marriage first. Durga will do her preparations at her own. Later Yashpal says that I am ready for this marriage date. All people are getting so happy. Yashpal says to Durga that you have to concentrate on your work instead to get involve in Amrita’s marriage. Durga feels so bad and goes from there.

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