Meri Durga 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which all the students are meeting in the school where all children are trying to solve out Durga’s problem. One of them says that we are gathering here to solve out Durga’s issue that she is getting scared from maths subject only. Otherwise, she is scoring good marks in another subject.

Rishi is coming to Yashpal’s house. Here Amrita is washing clothes and a water falls down on Rishi. He calls Amrita’s name. Suddenly, Shilpa and her brother are coming there. They are pulling Rishi and Amrita’s leg by singing a song,”Chajje Upar Chori Chajje Upar Chora, Dook Dook Kare Dil Bhage Ghode Sa.” Amrita feels shy. Rishi gets romantic to see her.

Meri Durga 6th February 2017 Written Update:-

Annapurna is coming there and asks Rishi you are here? Rishi replies that I came here before some time with mummy. She already came inside the home. Maybe she sits with chachi ji. Annapurna says ok and goes towards Chachi’s room. Here Durga and her friends are talking to each about studies and all. One of the anther student is coming there and threatens them by saying that I will make a complaint against you all that you are bunking the class.

Durga is coming out from the school because school time is getting off. She is seeing one hoarding where she reads out the news about Bawandar Baba who solves all type of problem quickly. She thinks to talk to him for solving her mathematics problem. Here Amrita is going on the terrace where Dulari’s son comes and starts to romance her.Here Annapura is coming in her Devrani’s room where she gets Dulari with her. Annapurna gets shocked very badly. Read more-> Meri Durga 7th February 2017 written update

Dulari says that I am coming here to talk with you about marriage. Annapurna says that if you want to talk with us then I called Amrita’s father in a half day. Dulari replies it’s ok, we will wait for him. Chachi says to Dulari that let me show you other rooms of this house. Dulari says ok. Here Yashpal is coming to talk to Durga.He brings jalebi for her because jalebi’s are her favorite dish. He is trying to make her happy by saying that you are my sweet daughter and I always think good for you. So that I tried hard to postponed this marriage till you last exam. But somethings are out of our hands. Destiny decides something for us.

Meri Durga 6th February 2017 Written Episode:-

After some time, Rishi is giving a phone number to Amrita and says her to make a call to him. So that he feels good to hear your voice. She replies that I don’t have a phone. He says don’t worry, you will make a call from your father’s phone. Here Yashpal is coming to talk to the principal. He says that if you want to do something good for Durga then you have to send Durga to the coaching class. Yashpal says that my salary is less. Even my elder daughter’s marriage is on the head. Then how can I handle this coaching fee. Then, Principal replies that you don’t worry, I am writing a letter and you will give this letter to the sir who is present in Bright Coaching centre. Yashpal gets happy. Suddenly, He gets Annapurna’s phone and tells him about Dulari ji. Yashpal gets tensed to think that how is she coming here? Here Dulari is Annapurna that if bhai sahab has come then we decide an engagement date or venue. Yashpal comes home and says to Dulari that I am thinking if engagement and marriage will happen on the same day. Dulari says that it never happen because it’s not our culture. We first do engagement and then marriage.

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