Meri Durga 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Yashpal is coming back to the home and then he says to his wife that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. Even I also saved 500-600 Rs money. His wife is replying that it’s good. By using this money, we will do Amrita’s ritual. Yashpal says yes. After this, Yashpal thinks that Amrita’s work is over and now I have to go to search out the Bright Coaching center.

He is coming outside and asks one aged man about the coaching center. An Aged man replies that I don’t know about this, but for whom you are asking for this center? Yashpal replies that I am searching this coaching center for my daughter. Actually, I have two daughters. An Aged man replies that you have to go straight and then go right behind the house. Yashpal says I saw another way to this center before some time. That man replies that I know very well but if you already know about the way, you go there. Why are you asking this to me?

Meri Durga 7th February 2017 Written Update:-

Here Durga and her friends are going to the area of Bawandar Baba. They are coming to know that Baba takes 500 Rs. money as consultation fees. Durga thinks that from where she brings 500 Rs. Suddenly, a man is coming there and then asks what are you doing here? Durga and her friends are replying that we want to meet bada ji now, He asks where is 500 Rs. Children are replying that we don’t have money. Here Yashpal is going to the coaching center and then meets someone.

Yashpal talks to him about Durga;s admission and exam preparation. He replies that you don’t worry, if your daughter will pass out one exam which we will conduct, then we will give an admission to her.Yashpal asks about the fees. He replies that we don’t take more money from you. You just pay 550 Rs. Yashpal gets happy to hear about the fees and then gives this money to the sir.

Here Durga and Friends are talking to each other about 500 Rs. money like how we manage this money before to meet Bawandar Baba ji. Here Yashpal is going ti the same direction where Durga and her friends are standing. Durga sees him and gets scared too. She thinks that she have to go home before her father. Otherwise, Yashpal will scold her very badly.

Chachi is talking to Shilpa that we have to be alert all the time. Shilpa asks why maa? Chachi replies that we hide my and Dulari’s relationship before Amrita’s marriage because it’s really important. If they Yashpal and Annapurna are coming to know about my relationship then it would bad for us. Shilpa says ok to her. Later Chachi thinks that Dulari is giving a small dose to Yashpal this time but she will show a big investment soon which nobody expects from her side. Read more-> Meri Durga 8th February 2017 written update

Meri Durga 7th February 2017 Written Episode:-

Here Shilpa is talking to her mother. Chachi says that you don’t worry because the study is not so important. A girl is having a quality to win her husband’s heart instead to dictate a table of 5 to him. Shilpa smiles. Here Yashpal is coming back to the home and then says to Durga that you have to come with me because I brought something for you. Durga comes there. Yashpal shows her an application form of Bright Coaching Center. Durga asks what is this? Yashpal replies that I brought this application form through which you will get an admission in this coaching center. But you have to give one test to the Coaching center and then you will get admit there. Durga and her mother are getting shocked to hear that Yashpal spend 550 Rs on this application form. Durga asks why are you doing this? Yashpal replies that you don’t worry, I have to manage everything and you just concentrate on your studies. Durga gets scared to think about the coaching center examination. Here Annapurna asks Yashpal that you told me that you are having only 500-600 Rs and you paid this money to the coaching center. Yahspal gets tensed. Annapurna starts to cry a lot.

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