Meri Durga 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Annaporna is doing some arrangements. Durga asks what is this? Why are you doing this? Annaporna replies that I am doing all this because we will be going to Rishi’s home for doing some rituals of Amrita’s marriage. Durga gets upset and says that I am the only girl who can’t attend her own sister’s marriage. Annaporna says her to sit there.

Durga is saying to her friends that we have to find out a way through which I will give coaching center examination easily. Her friend replies that you don’t worry, we have to think something. Durga’s friend is coming in the mid-night to Durga’s home just to take her to the Bawandar baba’s Pandal. After this, all children are going to the baba’s pandal and says that we have to go out from here as soon as possible.

Meri Durga 8th February 2017 Written Update:-

Here Amrita is trying to make a call to Rishi. But she gets scared to think that what Rishi will think about her? Read more-> Meri Durga 9th February 2017 written update. Here Rishi is sitting with his mother and then his phone rings up. But then the phone gets cut down. Rishi’s mother is asking to him that whose phone is this? Rishi says maybe one of his friend was calling him.

Later Rishi is sending a message to Amrita. Here Amrita gets his message and then gets so happy. She is getting so much excited to read out his message. But when she open his message but she is unable to read it out because the message is in the English language. Suddenly, Shilpa is coming there and asks what happened? Shilpa is pulling her leg by saying that what are you doing here? Maybe you are romancing jeeja ji. Amrita feels shy.

Meri Durga 8th February 2017 Written Episode:-

But then she says to Shilpa that he was sending a message to her but she is unable to read out the message because the message is in the English language. Shilpa says that why are you getting worried, I am here and I am going to read out your message. Shilpa reads out the message and then reads out the complete message which makes Amrita happy. But then Shilpa asks what will I reply to him? If I won’t give reply to him then maybe he will feel bad. Amrita says you will send a reply whatever you want to do. Amrita says May I write “I Love You” to him. Amrita says no. She says that if he was saying good night then say him to get sleep soon. Amrita asks what is this? This is so boring. Amrita says don’t worry, you may send on your own. Shilpa sends a smily to him.

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