Naagin 2 10th June 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 10th June 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

The Colors channel naagin serial starts with the track in which Shivangi says to Rocky that you have saved naagmani from the culprits and that’s why you are becoming a big disciple of Lord Shivji’s. Later Shivangi shows one book to Gyanimaa and says that I see these two takshak snakes which are already present in this book. Rocky says to Shivangi that we will kill our enemies soon. Shivangi says yes we will kill everyone except Mahendra because he is your father. Gyanimaa says to Rocky that your father has killed your mother in the past.

Even though Gyanimaa shows them everything  like how was Mahendra killed his mother? The lady who is mostly coming in Rocky’s dreams she is Rocky’s mother. He gets shattered to know all of this. Gurudev says to Rocky and Shivangi that your powers are getting increase today and now you too much powerful in fighting with Shesha aka Adaa Khan. You guys will easily defeat Shesha.

Naagin 2 10th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Shesha is coming back to the home where she meets Rocky and asks him when was he coming back to the home from Takshak Lok. Even she told him to stay there then why is he coming back here. Rocky says that I was there till moon set time but then I came back to the home. Shesha says ok. She tells him to forget Shivangi and her betrayels. This time, your friend Shesha is always with you. She catches Rocky’s hand and then tells him that you don’t worry, I am always with you and due to which you will never feel alone.

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Shesha aka Ruchika is coming so much close to Rocky and then starts to dance with him on the song,”Aghosh Mein Aaj Mere Tu Smaaja, Aa  Jara Kareeb Se, Jo Pal Mile Naseeb Se Aaj Jeelu.” Shivangi is also present there and then looks at them by standing behind the curtain. Rocky is trying to stop her. Shivangi is getting jealous to see this. She makes Shesha faint there and then Shesha falls down on the bed.

Naagin 2 10th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky says to Shivangi that you don’t worry, I am playing a game with her and nothing else. Shivangi says I know but I didn’t tell you to play a love game with her. Rocky catches Shivangi into his arms and then a song play behind the scene,”Jabse Dekha Hai Chehra Tera, Main To Hafto Se Soya Nahi.” They are romancing each other very hard. In the mirning time, Shesha wakes up and sees Rocky is reading newspaper by sitting on the chair. She thinks what happened last night? Did she slepe with Rocky or not because last night is dooj milan raat which is so much special for snakes.

She decides that she have to ask Rocky about last night. Shesha asks Rocky that how did she came here? What happened last night? Rocky replies that you were getting tired very badly and then you came here to sleep down. Later Rocky is coming to Yamini’s room and then sees Tanya’s parents there. He shouts and asks Yamini that why are they doing here? Yamini says that they are coming here to apologize. So that’s why I forgive them. Rocky says no maa. I never forgive them. Yamini begs Rocky to forgive them. Rocky says ok if badi maa is saying this then I am ready to forgive them.

Suddenly, Avni is coming there and informs that Shivangi bhabhi is coming back to the home. Rocky act like he is getting angry very badly and says to Yamini that I will throw Shivangi out from this house at any cost. Everyone asks Shivangi that what is she doing here? Shivangi says that I want to live here till divorce. Everyone says no. Rocky says ok, you may stay here till divorce only. Everyone gets shocked. Ruchika gets shocked. Shivangi is coming inside and then Rocjy catches her in the corner. They starts to do romance and a song plays on behind the scene that is,”Katra Katra.”

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