Naagin 2 11th February 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 11th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Manav is coming to meet Shesha aka Ruchika aka Adaa Khan in her room. He says that I am getting die to meet you Ruchika. Ruchika will say to Manav that one side you are getting die to meet me and another side you are coming here by wearing this locket. Manav will get silent. Later Ruchika says to Yamini that Shivangi is a naagin and you have to confront her. Here Rocky is waiting for Shivangi. Later when Shivangi is coming back to the home. She meets Rocky there. He asks where were you? Shivangi gets silent. Rocky says I know from where you are coming now? Shivangi gets scared. Rocky smiles and says that I am joking. Even I brought something for you. He makes her to wear a mangalsutra. Both are dancing together. Rocky says that if we are husband and wife then it doesn’t mean that our habits are also same. He is romancing her too. Shivangi is getting so happy. Rocky says that if we will fight then we don’t get upset from each other.

Here Yamini is coming into her room where Shesha and Avantika are waiting for her. All are talking to each other about the man who is having a naagmani. Yamini says that if the sixth killer stole naagmani then why is he coming here to meet me. Avantika says maybe Shivangi was making you a fool. After some time, Shesha is coming outside and then plans a valentine gift for Rocky. Suddenly, she sees Gautami in the market. Shesha thinks that if she is Gautami then Shivangi made a big plan against us.

Naagin 2 11th February 2017 Written Update:

Shesha is coming behind Gautami and asks you are alive here? We though you got die. Gautami says that I was about to die but I was getting faint. Later I was coming in conscious state. Shesha asks what are you doing here? Gautami replies that I am doing a job here. Shesha says that Shivangi will get happy to see you. Gautami shows like she doesn’t know about Shivangi. She says wow, my di is alive. Shesha says you don’t worry, I will take you there. Gautami says ok. Shesha thinks she gets something through which she will easily play against Shivangi.

Here Shivangi decides that she will have to kill Manav in tonight’s party. Manav is coming there. Shivangi says him to bring out the new dinner set. Manav is trying to help her. But Shivangi is trying to kill him. Buy she falls down very badly because Manav wore a garud kavach. Shivangi gives a juice to him by adding a poison. Manav denies. But Shivangi forces him to take this. Suddenly, Rocky is coming there. Manav gives that juice to Rocky. Shivangi gets scared to see this. She snatches the juice from Rocky. After some time, Yamini goes to meet Shivangi and says that I know you are naagin. Shivangi gets shocked very badly after to hear this. Read more-> Naagin 2 5th February 2017 written update

Here all people are busy in the valentine day party preparations. Shivangi, Rocky, and all other people are coming in the hall room. Rocky says to her sisters to keep themselves in the limit during the party. Alia says to Shivangi to make bhai just like you because he is interfering more in our life. All people laughs. Rudra is coming there by changing his looks. He is becoming like a chef. Shivangi gets scared to see Rudra here. She thinks if Rocky will recognize Rudra then it would be a big problem.

Suddenly, Shesha comes there and says you all people are here. I am bringing a very big gift for my favorite people and those are Rocky and Shivangi. Maybe this is such a big gift for you on this Valentine eve. Shivangi gets scared by thinking that what is Shesha bringing here? Shesha calls Gautami there. Shivangi shows that she is getting so happy to see Gautami there. Yamini gets scared to think that she herself killed Gautami then how she came here? Rocky asks Gautami that where were you? What happened? Gautami replies that I was in a police station when I came in a conscious state.

Naagin 2 11th February 2017 Written Episode:

Apart from Yamini, Avantika, and Manav are getting angry to see this. Apart from these, all people are getting so happy. Shivangi says to all that I want to spend some time with you and I want to talk to her. Her Shesha is coming inside. Avantika and Yamini are shouting at Shesha. They are asking to her that why you brought Gautami here? As you already know that Gautami is the top most eyes witness of our crime. Shesha says that I already make a cross check that she remember something or not. She forgot everything. So that’s why I am bringing her here because only Shivangi will take naagmani. So if we have one weakness of Shivangi in our hands then she will do our work at any home. Gautami and Shivangi are talking to each other about Shesha. Shivangi says to Gautami that you will stay away from Shesha, Avantika, and Yamini because they are so clever people. If they will ask something from you and they will say you to do something. Then, you won’t do anything to them. After this, Shivangi says to Gautami to change her clothes and come downstairs for the party. Here Rocky is searching Shivangi in the party. He sees Shivangi with Gautami. Shivangi is also searching Rocky in the party. Gautami asks her that whet are you thinking for? Shivangi says no, I am looking after the preparations of the party.

After some time, Shivangi is coming to meet Rudra. She asks him about all preparations. Rudra says that everything is full and final. When Manav will come to the room then I will be sitting on the almira and snatches Manav’s locket by using a magnet. Thereafter you will kill him. Shivangi says ok. Suddenly, Manav’s wife is coming there and asks where is Manav? Do you see Manav? Shivangi says that Manav was going towards the park area. Here Manav is flirting with other girls. Shivangi says that you are such a nice man who deserves a best man in your life. Manav chachu is not the good man for you. Chachi says yes I know but I know he loves me a lot. After some time, Shivangi changes her look and become Shesha. She comes to talk to Manav and says him to come inside the room. Manav is getting so happy to see this behavior of Shesha for him. Rocky is going on the stage and then host the party. He is giving a fabulous performance on the stage with his two brothers. Here Shesha and Manav are coming inside the room. She decorates the room with aroma candles. Shivangi (fake Shesha) says that I want to hug you. Shivangi says him to remove the locket because she is a naagin and that’s why she gets hurt by his locket.

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