Naagin 2 12th February 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 12th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Shivangi takes a real avatar and then comes in front of Manav. He gets scared very badly and then shouts. He is calling Rocky for thehelp. Here Rocky is dancing on the stage with his brother on the song,”Jo Tum Ho Aagye, Gori Gori Gori Gori.” Manav says to Rudra and Shivangi that you won’t kill me because I have a Garud Mani and that’s why you won’ touch me. Thereafter I will expose you in front of all people. Rudra says that we have to kill you either to burn you or something else. Manav is calling Nidhi, Rocky, and all for the help. Here Shivangi and Rudra are starting to burn Manav. He shouts very badly. Here Nidhi and all people are hearing Manav’s sound. They are coming upstairs to see Manav. Here Manav is dead when all people are reaching there. Rocky is trying hard to make him wake up. But Manav is in between the life and death. Rocky says that Chachu is still alive. So we have to take Manav to the hospital.

Shivangi thinks that she have to kill Manav as soon as possible before he will come in a conscious state. Shivangi and Nidhi are sitting in an ambulance with Manav. Nidhi is crying a lot. Manav is trying to say something by pointing his finger towards Shivangi. But Shivangi says to Nidhi that chachu’s condition is getting critical. Nurse makes him wear an oxygen mask. So that Manav is unable to say anything. After some time, Shivangi and Rudra are coming in the same ward room where Manav is on the bed. Rudra says to Shivangi that it’s a right time to take a revenge. Shivangi cuts him and leaves her poison there. Manav gets die.

Naagin 2 12th February 2017 Written Update:

All people are coming inside the ward room. Nidhi is crying a lot. All people are getting shocked to hear about Manav’s death. Shesha thinks that a snake killed Manav like this. But who is this snake? Suddenly she starts to find out Shivangi there. She gets Shivangi there near to Nidhi. Later Shesha is seeing Rocky’s marriage album. Avantika says you just stop this and think about Naagmani only. Shesha says that we are missing something. So that’s why we have to find out. Shesha says to Yamini and Avantika that someone is killing only those people who killed Shivanya that time. Manav is also one of them. She added that I have to take Gautami’s avatar and then asks everything about Shivangi. Here Nidhi is crying a lot by wearing a white saree. All people are gathering there. Shivangi is giving an emotional support to Nidhi by saying that nobody will snatch anything from you. Here Shesha is changing her avatar like Gautami. Yamini sees her and try to stop her. Later Shivangi is crying a lot and says sorry because she are killed Manav because he was not the good man. Rocky comes there and hugs Shivangi by saying that you stop yourself from crying like this. Shivangi says that sometimes I am scared by thinking that if something will happen with this family then what will we do? Rocky says that I trust you Shivangi and will trust you blindly from now onwards. I know you can’t do anything wrong.

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After some time, Shesha is coming there to meet Shivangi by becoming  Gautami. But Shivangi recognise her and thinks that Shesha came here by changing her looks. Shesha is trying to ask everything from Shivangi. But Shivangi already knows that she is Shesha not Gautami. So that Shivangi is replying her carefully. Shesha feels bad by thinking that she doesn’t find out anything else. Shesha tells everything to Yamini and Avantika that Shivangi is innocent and she didn’t do anything. Here Shivangi is discussing everything with real Gautami that Shesha was coming here by changing her looks. Shivangi is coming to meet Rudra in the temple. Avantika says there is someone who will tell us about the killer name. Shesha says ok we want to see the face of real killer. Rudra and Shivangi are talking to each other to kill Yamini as soon as possible because Yamini’s death will make Shesha and Avantika weaker in all situation. Shivangi says that I know it’s not easy to kill Yamini but I have to kill her at any cost. Rudra asks where will we kill her? Shivangi replies that we will kill Yamini at Panchneer Haweli.

Naagin 2 12th February 2017 Written Episode:

Here Avantika, Shesha, and Yamini are coming there at Avantika’s mahal where she keeps Vikram’s body safe. Yamini gets shocked very badly. Shesha and Avantika are saying everything like how they saved Vikram? Avantika says that killer thinks that Vikram is dead but nobody knows that Vikram is alive and very soon, he will tell us everything about the real killer. Shivangi and Rudra are changing their avatar and become Shesha-Avantika. They are going near to Yamini and says that naagmani is in Panchneer Haweli. So that Yamini is going to Panchneer Haweli. She is going to the Shesh temple and takes naagmani from there. She thinks this is real naagmani. Rudra is coming there and asks Yamini that may I help you? Yamini looks behind and says you are here? What are you doing here? Yamini says to Rudra that you can’t touch me because I am wearing garud mani. Suddenly, a golden snake is also coming there. Yamini says wow, you both are coming here and we are searching you everywhere. Yamini says them to come in your real face because I want to see you both. Even I know you both were killed Manav. All over, Yamini is provoking them by saying that you can’t touch me because nobody touches me easily. Later Shivangi is seeing to catch Yamini in her snake tail. She threatens Yamini very badly. Shivangi says her that today is your last and now I am going to kill you.

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