Naagin 2 12th March 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 12th March 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The serial start with the scene in which Rocky is trying hard to find out the snake in his home. Even he called two men ho are playing snake tunes just to catch snakes in the house. Shesha is going to her home by making an excuse. But in the between her way, her body starts to convert into the snake. Here Shivangi is getting restless to sit there aside of Rocky.

Shivangi is saying to Nidhi to save her. Nidhi takes Shivangi inside. Here Rudra is coming in the hall room in his snake avatar. All people are getting shocked very badly. Rudra is coming near to the Rocky and releases out the fire from his mouth. Rocky and all other people are flying hard and strikes with the walls. Shivangi thinks that Rudra is coming there just to save Shivangi.

Here Shesha sees Vikram outside the home. She informs Yamini that he is coming. Yamini asks who? Shesha says that Vikram is coming here and he will tell us about the partner of Rudra. Yamini says yes today we will come to know the name. Here Rudra sees Vikram outside the door.

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Naagin 2 12th March 2017 Written Update:

Uttara is coming back to the Haweli and indicates to Yamini that she is Uttara. Yamini is saying to Uttara that you don’t worry, I will take revenge from that naagin.¬†Suddenly, Yamini is recalling those moments in which Uttara saved Yamini’s life. She recalled every moment in which Uttara helped her out. Suddenly, Rocky’s cousin Sushant is coming there. Uttara is going inside Sushant’s body just to help Yamini in recognizing the real killer. Yamini and Avantika are getting happy to see Uttara in Sushant’s body.

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Yamini is making a full proof plan by joining her hand with Sushant. They are making a plan against the snake who have killed Uttara before some time. Let see what will they perform next. Here Rudra sees them together and thinks that what is Sushant doing with Yamini, Uttara, and Avantika. She doubts Sushant and decides to find out the truth behind this meeting.

Here Shivangi is lying on the bed with Rocky. She is giving a nindra vish¬†to Rocky because she wants to go outside just to find out what Avantika is thinking for her further plans. She is looking tensed to think about Avantika’s further plans.

Naagin 2 12th March 2017 Written Episode:

Shivangi is thinking about Rudra too. She thinks Rudra is in Panchneer Haweli and that’s why she will go there soon. She tries to find out Yamini, Avantika, and Shesha. But she is not getting them inside. Here Avantika, Shesha, and Yamini are going near to the Shiv Temple whereas Yamini says that Rudra is in Shiv Temple why? Sushant is coming there. Avantika shouts at him and asks where is Rudra? Sushant replies that he was here but now he is going from there. Yamini says him to go home now and get to sleep. Sushant is going from there. Avantika says that I will kill Rudra today at any cost. Shesha says that he is killing our people. So that we have to kill him as soon as possible. Shivangi is coming to Panchneer Haweli and meets Rudra there. Rudra says to Shivangi that why are you coming here? You have to go back to the home. Shivangi says I was trying to find out Avantika, Shesha, and Yamini. But they were not there. Rudra says, these people are here. So that’s why you have to get alert and just find out the secret of Avantika’s death. We will find out this in all room by going separately. Here Rocky gets up and thinks where is Shivangi? He is calling her but Shivangi is not in the room. Rocky makes a call to her but her number is going to be switched off. Rocky gets tensed very badly and thinks where is Shivangi? Why her phone is getting out of coverage area. Here Shivangi and Rudra are not getting any proof there. Shivangi says that we don’t know what are we searching here? Then how can we search out this. Rudra says something magical, something alive, and something unique. Shivangi says ok.

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