Naagin 2 13th May 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 13th May 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Shivangi goes to meet to Guru Dev. She says to Guru Dev that we have to save the life of Rocky. Guru Dev tells her that they fix the Khanjar in the chest of Rocky. Shivangi says but we have to save to Rocky at any cost. Guru Dev tells to Shivangi that when Rocky will remove his Kanchuli then we can remove the Khanjar from his chest. Otherwise, no one can save to Rocky. Here Yamini and a lady are going somewhere. They reach the shop. Yamini calls to a lady. Yamini asks to tell me about Rocky. The lady gives the ring to her. Yamini says I don’t need the ring. I want to know the supernatural powers of Rocky. The lady says you wear this Ring in the finger of Rocky. Then it will tell you about each and everything. Yamini asks but how? The lady wears the ring herself. And then she gets faint there. A bird comes out from the ring. The lady is showing the power of the ring.

The lady says your wear this ring to Rocky then anything will happen with Rocky. Then this bird will tell you. Rocky is talking on cell phone. Rocky is getting so much angry. He saying that what will happen with your sorry. Yamini ask what happen beta? Rocky give a reply to his mother very rudely. Rocky says sorry Mom. Yamini says nowadays your getting so much hyper. Yamini is giving the ring to Rocky. She says I was meet to Guru Ji. she give the ring to me for you. Rocky is denying to wear that ring. But Yamini starts doing drama in front of Rocky. That why you will wear this ring? I am your step Mom.

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Naagin 2 13th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky’s sister comes there. She says today is match with our competitor. She is trying to convince to Rocky for the cricket match. Rocky says okay. She gets happy. Rocky, Shivangi and all reach to the basket ball court. Here Sharadha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor are doing the promotion of his film. Sharadha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor meet to the Rocky. Rocky’s sister introduces to Rocky with them. She tells to them that my brother is basket ball champion. Now they will play the match. Arjun Kapoor is asking about the Bua and all. Arjun asks for the Shivangi that she will not play the match. Here Arjun Kapoor (Madhav) is going to call to Shivangi. He says to Shivangi that you are the full girlfriend of Rocky so why are you standing here alone?

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Shivangi is thinking that today the Kanchuli will release out from the body of Rocky. So I can’t play the game. Shivangi says to Madhav (Arjun Kapoor) that I am feeling tired so you play the game. Now they start to play the game. Rocky is watching to Shivangi. Shivangi is thinking that before the Rocky will release the Kanchuli. I have to do something. Here Mitali is saying that come on Rocky. Shivangi is thinking that How I will take to Rocky from here? Yamini is saying to others that do the clapping for Rocky.

Rocky’s sister says Bhai they are going so fast from us. Shivangi brings Rocky inside the room because today Rocky will leave his kenchuli. Shivangi is trying to hide his reality from all people that Rocky is also a snake. She brings him inside the room and then he removes his kenchuli successfully. Suddenly, Shivangi feels like her time has come finally and he is about to leave his kenchuli. She is going outside just to do her kenchuli work.

Naagin 2 13th May 2017 Written Update Episode

After some time, Arjun wakes up and feels a lot of pain in his arm. He is screaming in a pain very badly. Suddenly, Shraddha Kapoor aka Priya Sumani is coming there and asks what happened? Rocky says I don’t know, I am feeling a lot of pain. Priya Sumani is taking Rocky to the Hospital. But someone is coming in the ambulance and kills the driver. She herself drives the ambulance. Here Kamini, and all other people are coming behind the ambulance.One of the women asks Shraddha aka Priya Sumani about Madhav that he is your friend and I know you belong to one of the big business family. Even I know that Arjun is your friend and he likes you too. Shraddha Kapoor aka Priya thinks that how is she knowing everything about me and Madhav. Here Shivangi is coming to meet Gurudev in the Shiv temple whereas Gurudev is doing a hawan. Shivangi is getting so happy to see this. Here Shesha is taking away Rocky with her.

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