Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Rocky is present in the Shiv Temple and he is in snake avatar. Rocky is getting shattered very badly to see all of this. He is shouting and asks Shiv ji that why did he do all this to him. He is screaming very badly. Shesha makes him faint and then says that you have to take rest, Rocky. She started to recall everything that how was she getting live from a stone body. Actually, Rocky touched her and then she converted like this. That time, Rocky was going from there. Shesha starts to find out the man who converted her from stone to live situation.

She saw some snakes which are not related to her snake vansh. She has found out that all the snakes are related to the Takshak Vansh. She has followed them and then comes to know about the Takshak Naagraaj and Takshak queen. So that Shesha has started to find out the Takshak Queen whose head was getting dis-attached by the Shivangi before some time. Shesha started to find out the head including the neck.

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Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Written Update Episode

She has gone to the Shiv Temple just to bring Takshak Queen head. Finally, she brought this head and then attached Takshak queen’s head with her rest body. But then she started to fight with her because she wanted to kill her because she wanted to become Takshak naagrani. Takshak Naagrani says that here is only one man who kills me. Shesha asks who. She replies that Takshak Naagraj will able to kill me.

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Shesha is getting so happy and then kill Takshak Naagrani by using Rocky’s hand. She gets to die and then Shesha laughs. She calls some Takshak Lok people for whom Shesha give some orders. Later she is coming near to the Rocky and thinks that she will soon become a Takshak naagrani by getting marry to Rocky (Takshak Naagraaj).

Shesha decides to do a dance on the Shiv Ji song till then she will not confront Rocky that hee is also a Takshak Naagraj. She dances on the song that is, “Shivji Shankar, Har Har Shankar.” She dances so hard. Here Shivangi is trying to find out the Rocky. She prays to god to please take care of Rocky. She is coming towards the Takshak place. She is just outside the place.

Naagin 2 14th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky is becoming a snake and then he comes into the Shiv temple. He screams into a pain very badly. Shesha is getting so happy to see that Rocky comes to know about his identity finally. Here Rocky is crying a lot and asks Shiv ji why is he doing all this to him? Later he calls Shiv, Shiv, Shiv. His body is getting changed. Actually, he is getting changed from a snake to normal human being. Shivangi is also present there and feels bad to see this painful condition of Rocky. But then Rocky goes away from there. Shivangi prays to god to do everything right.

Here Baba jis shouting and asks his supernatural powers that who buried the dagger who was coming out from the Rocky. Who had finished that? Suddenly, he sees Gorakhnath’s name there. He is getting angry to see this name because this is the old aged pandit of Shivji’s temple. Here Yamini’s head is paining and she is applying a balm on her head. Mansi Bua is coming there and asks her that will she apply balm on her head. Yamini says that it’s ok beta. Actually, I am worried about the Rocky. Shivangi hears their converstaion and thinks if Yamini will come to know about Rocky’s supernatural powers then everything will be getting alright.

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