Naagin 2 15th April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 15th April 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

The serial start with the scene in which Shivangi is trying to kill Yamini and Shesha because these both are such a big danger for her. Even though, she will climb Takshak himalaya just to kill Shesha. Shivangi is asking everything to Gurudev about all tactics just to kill Shesha because she is so powerful. Shesha is also going behind Shivangi just to kill her forever. Shesha is tracking Shivangi’s location and that’s why she is going behind Shivangi for the Takshak. Shivangi is climbing the heights because she will do whatever Gurudev told her.

Shivangi is climbing the heights because she will do whatever Gurudev told her. Shesha gets into a doubt and thinks that why is she climbing Takshak? Just to check out why is Shivangi going there? Later Shivangi brings Takshika’s head of one another dangerous naagin who lived at Takshak. Finally, she brings her head in the Shiv temple. Gurudev appreciates her efforts and says that you don’t worry, I will finish Takshika’s head and due to which we will save so many lives. Shivangi says yes Gurudev we will finish Takshika. Even though, Shivangi killed Shesha also.

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Naagin 2 15th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky is coming to the Shiv temple and he sees Shivangi in a naagin avatar. He gets shattered to see that Shivangi is a naagin. He is in trauma and thinks that Shivangi spoiled his life because she is naagin and after that, she got married to him. He recalled all the moments in which he spends with Shivangi. He starts to cry a lot and thinks that Shivangi killed all his family members. Only Shivangi is responsible for the death of Nidhi chachi, and all other people.

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Here Yamini is getting tensed to think about Shesha because she was not coming back to the home yet. She thinks maybe Shivangi killed Shesha. Here Gurudev and Shivangi are trying hard to kill Takshika’s head but their supernatural powers are not working on them. They are remembering so many Shiv powers but after that Takshika’s head is not getting affected. Gurudev says to Shivangi that Takshik’a head is so strong and that’s why we are getting failed in give any harm to this.

Naagin 2 15th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Gurudev prays to Lord Shiva that you are the only one who will kill this Takshika’s head. Shivangi is also supporting him. Here Shesha says to Yamini that I killed Shivangi. Yamini gets shocked and says her that Shivangi was the only one who will take naagmani from there. But now you have killed her then how will we get Naagmani. Shesha laughs and says that I was kidding only. Yamini gets to relax. Guys, actually she is not Shesha, She is Shivangi and she is coming here to kill Yamini. Even though, Rocky knows about this. Here, Rocky is driving fast and try to reach Mumbai fast because he wants to inform Yamini about Shivangi’s truth. Finally, he is reaching to the home and starts to find out Yamini there. He gets Mansi there. Alia and all other people are also coming there. Mansi says that Yamini is going outside with Ruchika. Rocky gets shocked and thinks that Ruchika is alreayd dead. It means Shivangi was coming in Ruchika’s face and took Yamini with her because she will be going to kill Yamini soon.

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