Naagin 2 17th June 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 17th June 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

The Colors channel naagin serial starts with the track in which Shesha thinks that maybe Shivangi and Rocky are playing a game with me. Maybe they are on the same team and they will expose everyone soon. So that’s why I have to think something against them. Here Shivangi says to Rocky that Avni is missing and we have to find out her as soon as possible. Later Shesha says that I can never separate lovers but I will never leave those people who betray her.

Shesha is trapping Avni and says that I am going to kill you because you are in Shivangi’s team. Even though I feel like Shivangi and Rocky are in the same team. Even though you know everything but you are not telling me the truth. Avni says I don’t know anything about them. Shesha says that I know very well that you know everything. Avni says no. Shesha says that you will lose your life forever if you won’t tell me everything. Avni says no I don’t know anything. Shesha says ok now you get ready because I am going to kill you.

Naagin 2 17th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Finally, she killed Shesha. Here Shivangi and Rocky are coming to know that Shesha kidnapped Avni. They start to find out Avni here and there. Finally, they are reaching to the place where Shesha caught Avni. Here Shesha thinks that Avni is dead now but who will tell me the truth? Here Rocky is hearing all those words whatever Shesha told to Avni by using a super natural powers. Rocky is screaming very badly and says that I won’t leave you Shesha.

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Here Shivangi is changing her avatar and becomes Prithvi. She calls Prithvi’s real father and says that I want to meet you papa. He is getting so happy to see Prithvi there. But after some time, when Shivangi in Prithvi’s avatar thinks to kill his father. Shesha is watching everything and suddenly, Rocky is coming there and saves his life. Shesha is seeing everything and thinks that Rocky is at her side now. Rocky brings Prithvi’s father at home whereas Yamini appreciates him because he saved Prithvi’s father.

Shesha is getting so happy and thinks that Rocky is still at her side not in Shivangi’s team. Later Rocky is coming in the room and screams why do you kill my Avni? Shesha is coming there and says that what are you saying this? Shesha asks what do you want to say? Rocky asks why did you kill my Avni? Shesha asks what di you want to say? Do you blame me? Rocky says yes, He attacks Shesha and says that I will kill you now. Shesha is taking her snake avatar and asks will you try to kill me? Rocky is changing his tone and says that I don’t want to blame you because I know Shivangi killed my Avni. Shesha is getting so happy and says that Rocky is blaming Shivangi not me.

Naagin 2 17th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Later Prithvi is calling his dad and asks him to come into the den because I am waiting for you here. He replies that I am not coming into your word trap because I know everything that you are Shivangi. Prithvi is reciting a peon and due to which Ranveer believes that he is not Shivangi, he is Prithvi.

Later Ranveer is going to meet Prithvi in the same den where he hears Prithvi’s screams. Here Shivangi says to Prithvi that you ddi very well that you called your father here but now you don’t worry, I won’t kill you. Prithvi begs her not to kill his father. Shivangi says that I know very well that whom I will kill and whom not? Shivangi says to Rocky that I will not kill Prithvi because he is innocent.

Rocky killed Prithvi in front of Ranveer. Due to which Ranveer is getting tensed and asks Rocky what is this? Are you in Shivangi’s team? Rocky says yes, I love Shivangi and I am always with her. Finally,  Shivangi kills Ranveer. Rocky says to Shivangi that your revenge is my revenge from now onwards. So you don’t worry. Later Prithvi is getting wake up because he was just faint not die. He is trying to make a call to Shesha just to call her in the Old Shiv Mandir. Rocky snathes his phone-call and says to Shesha in Prithvi’s voice that you will come here soon because she killed my father here. Shesha is getting tensed very badly.

Later Shivangi says to Prithvi that you are innocent and that’s why we won’t hurt you. But if you want to save your life then you have to leave this place right now. After some time, Prithvi falls down on the sharp stone and gets to die. Shivangi says that it means Shiv ji wants Prithvi’s death and that’s why he got to die. Rocky says to Shivangi let we go from here because Shesha is reaching here soon. Rocky is going from there. Shesha comes there and says that what are you doing here? You are trying to kill everyone but before that, I will kill you. Shivangi says that I am taking revenge from all those people who are involved in my mother’s death. Shesha says that I am Takshika snake and after that you are coming in front of me again and again. Shivangi says that I am not getting scared of anyone. Here Mitali Bua says to Alia and Romi to stay with her because Shesha already killed Avni and now she is trying to attack you people. Suddenly, Shesha is coming there and changes her avatar. She becomes a snake and then makes them scared very badly.

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