Naagin 2 18th February 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 18th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Shivangi is going to clutch Yamini in her snake tails. Yamini will get shocked to see Shivangi as a snake. But Shivangi will say to Yamini that you have killed my mother and that’s why you deserves a death now. Today I will be going to kill you at any cost. Yamini will say that I didn’t kill your mother. Shesha and Avantik were doing this. Shivangi replies that I know very well that who did what? Shivangi screams very badly by saying that you killed my mother. She throws Yamini from the height.

Naagin 2 18th February 2017 Written Update:

But that mani is getting blast and a black pollution generates. Avantika says that my mani is not working in Panchneer Haweli. So maybe she is lying near to Panchneer Haweli. Both are going to search out Yamini. Shivangi is coming back to the home where Rocky is looking tensed. He hugs Shivangi and says that badi maa is missing. I am worried for her. Where were you? When you are staying with me then I feel strong. But when you don’t stay with me then I feel weak.

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After some time, Shesha and Avantika are coming at the same place where Yamini last night. Shesha says that I am smelling Yamini near here. Avantika says are you serious? Shesha says yes my nose is right. They are getting Yamini’s locket and feels that someone was doing wrong with her or she will run away by stealing naagmani. Here Shivangi and Rocky are coming in the same forest with the Police Officers. Shivangi thinks, this is the same place where she killed Yamini. Shesha and Avantika are seeing Rocky there.

Naagin 2 18th February 2017 Written Episode:

Shesha and Avantika are talking to each other. They are trying to search out Yamini. Here King Vikram is coming in a conscious state. Someone makes a call to Avantika and she informs her about Vikram. Avantika is getting so happy to know all this. Shesha comes to know about Vikram. Both are getting happy and again starts to find out Yamini. Here all people are coming back to the home. Police is coming there and show a stuff to all family members. Alia and all people are recognizing the stuff which relates to Yamini. Police Inspector says that we got one baby which is fully burned out. But we send that body for postmortem and after that, you people will check out the body. All people are getting shattered out very badly.

Suddenly, Yamini is coming there and calls Rocky. Rocky hugs her and says that I am so happy to see you. But please don’t go apart from me. Yamini hugs him and says that I won’t go anywhere by leaving you here. Shivangi hides herself behind the curtain. Rocky asks what happened to you? Yamini says that Uttara saved my life. If Uttara was not coming there to save me then I was getting die yet. Rocky says thanks to Uttara. Shesha and Avantika are getting so happy to see this. Shivangi thinks that Yamini knew about me but she is not exposing me.

Shivangi is coming in her room and tells to Gautami that I am so tensed because I was going in my real face in front of Yamini before to kill her but now she is behaving so strange. Rudra is also coming there. He asks what happened? Shivangi says I am worried to think about Yamini and Uttara again and again. Rudra says that you don’t worry, you have to get an alert from that lady. Shivangi says we have to do something. She is going outside the room and gets strikes with Rocky. Rocky is taking Shivangi to Yamini’s room but Shivangi is trying to divert the topic. Suddenly, Yamini is coming there and says that I need Shivangi for tomorrow only because I, Shivangi, and Uttara are going somewhere. Rocky says ok badi maa, Shivangi will go with her. After some time, Yamini is coming back to her room. Shesha and Avantika are coming there. They are asking her about last night incident. Yamini tells everything to them but one thing is clear that she didn’t see Shivangi clearly.

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