Naagin 2 18th June 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 18th June 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

The Colors channel naagin serial starts with the track in which Jadunath is looking into the snake book where he sees Takshak Naag and Naagin’s picture who are looking just alike to Rocky and Shivangi. He thinks how is Shivangi as Shesh Naag is staying with Takshak Naag Rocky in this picture. Here Shivangi tells Shesha that I trapped Jadunath by going into his den. Rocky went Tany’s room by taking Jadunath’s face.

Shivangi is taking Jadunath’s face and then says to Tanya that finally, the time has come when we easily get Nagmani. Even though, Yamini and all other people will never share a naagmani with us whenever they will get this. Tanya says to Jadunath that you don’t worry, I will be going to do everything whatever you told me. Jadunath says ok. Later Shivangi is coming out and tells Rocky everything that she trapped Tanya in her words.

Naagin 2 18th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Tanya is coming to meet Shesha and asks do you know why do I come here? Shesha replies that I know if you are coming here then definitely you are having a big motive. Tanya says that I have decided that I will support you instead of Jadunath. I am sick of to support that useless Jadunath. Shesha says that why are you doing this? If you left Jadunath now then how do I believe that you will support me always? Shivangi and Rocky are hearing their conversation.

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Rocky is going to bring Jadunath there just to show that Tanya and Shesha are on the same team. Jadunath is coming there with Rocky and asks Tanya what are you doing here? Tanya says that I am doing whatever you told me before some time. Actually, this is real Jadunath who didn’t know what Shivangi did with Tanya by taking his avatar. He says to Tanya that I didn’t say anything to anyone. Then why are you doing this? Tanya thinks that Jadunath is playing some game with her.

Naagin 2 18th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Later Rocky says to Mitali bua that you have to go to talk to Tanya and says her that your life is in danger. Mitali says it is safe? Rocky says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright soon. Even though I will be there to save you from all problems. Mitali is going to Tanya’s room and she is looking so much scared. Tanya asks what happened bua ji? She replies that I am so much scared because Shesha is so much dangerous naagin and she kill us anytime. Tanya is getting scared very badly.

Here Shesha is going to meet Yamini and Mahendra. She says that Tanya is playing the game with us. Even though she is trying to trap Jadunath. Yamini asks Jadunath that Is she saying right or not? Jadunath replies Yamini that Shesha is saying right. This Tanya is such a big player and she is trying to bring a rift amid us. Yamini says ok let we go to Tanya’s room and talks to her. But when they are going to Tanya’s room. They don’t get Tanya there. Yamini asks where is she? Jadunath replies that maybe she ran away from here.

Later Shesha finds out the Tanya and asks what are you doing there? Tanya says that you people doubts me and that’s why I am coming here to remove your doubt. I am coming here to take a naagmani. Yamini, Mahendra, and Jadunath are coming there. Suddenly, Tanya is changing her avatar and becomes Shivangi. Everybody gets shocked very badly. Shivangi says that I am your niece and you get fail in recognizing me. Shesha is getting angry. Later Shesha makes Rocky ready to kill Gurudev. Rocky says to Shesha that I am always with you. They are going to kill Gurudev. Rocky thinks that he can never kill that Gurudev. He thinks that Shesha is Takshak naagin and that’s why she is unable to go inside. Even though I won’t able to go inside. Rocky says to Shesha that we won’t go inside then how would we kill him? Shesha says that why are you getting worried, we will call Gurudev outside.

Shesha takes Shivangi’s avatar and says to Rocky to kill her. She acts to shout and calls Gurudev outside. But when Gurudev is coming outside then he asks Rocky what happened? Why are you doing this? Suddenly, Shesha is taking her real avatar and then Gurudev is getting shocked. Here real Shivangi is coming there and then gets shocked to see all this drama. She decides that she will save Gurudev’s life at any cost. But here Rocky saves him. Shesha asks what happened? How do you save him? Even why do you save her? Rocky says that we will kill Shivangi at any cost by using this Gurudev. Here Jadunath is watching everything and thinks whether this Rocky is in Shesha’s team or in Shivangi’s team. Shivangi is coming in front of everyone and then starts to attack Rocky and Shesha both. Jadunath is watching everything here.

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