Naagin 2 19th February 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 19th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Yamini and Uttara are talking to each other about Rocky’s parents. Yamini says that we killed Rocky’s parents and then got Rocky forever in out clutches. That time, Uttara was also supporting Yamini in killing Rocky’s parents. Here Rocky’s younger brother is coming here to talk to Gautami just to impress her because he liked her. Shivangi is coming there and says that I know you are coming here to impress Gautami. He replies that yes I love her and this is for lifetime love. Shivangi says this is the matter like if you are doing a lifetime love then you have to find out Gautami’s likes or dislikes. Rocky comes there and says that it’s nice that you are supporting my brother in getting his love. But I am sure that you can’t do lifetime love. Sushant says that see bhabhi, nobody believes me. Rocky laughs and says really. Are you serious? Sushant says yes. Later Shivangi is going inside Gautami’s room and says her that why are you doing study again and again, you just go outside to do parties, shopping, datings, and all. Gautami asks what are you saying this? Shivangi says Sushant is a good boy and he was coming here to take you outside. Gautami feels shy.

Naagin 2 19th February 2017 Written Update:

Yamini says to Shesha and Avantika that I am going to Panchneer Haweli with Shivangi, There I  will say her to take a naagmani because she is having a Suryawanshi mark on the hand. So that she is able to take naagmani from there. After this, I will kill Shivangi. Here Shivangi is hearing everything by standing outside the door. Here Rocky is doing something in her room. Shivangi is not seeing him and she starts to become a naagin. Here Shivangi comes to know that Yamini doesn’t know about her because she didn’t see her face. Here Shesha is getting angry and says that I will kill you today. Yamini asks are you getting mad? Shesha says that I won’t leave you because I don’t want to seee you.

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Naagin 2 19th February 2017 Written Episode:

Finally, she is reaching in the jungle and says thank you to Shiv ji for saving her. After this, Shivangi thinks that she have to run away from here. Avantika and her force are coming to the same jungle. But they get one dead snake and here Shivangi is coming in the Shiv Temple. She informs Rudra that Vikram is alive. She tells everything to Rudra and Gurudev about Avantika and Vikram. They are getting tensed to think about the Avantika and Vikram. Gurudev is giving some tips to Shivangi just to kill Avantika and Vikram. He tells to Shivangi to kidnap Vikram and Vikram. Here Rocky is decorating with flowers just to surprise Shivangi. Shivangi is also coming there but she forget the keys. She is just becoming a naagin but Rocky calls her. Shivangi gets shocked very badly. Rocky asks what are you doing here? Shivangi replies that my bindi was falling here. Rocky starts to search out. But Shivangi stops her and says that I am organizing something for you. Shivangi says him that I know you are upset from me. But I am so sorry for some time. Rocky says that I was making a Rocky special sandwich. Here Vikram is getting alive and then asks Sarocha that she get happy or not? Sarocha replies yes I am happy but you have to think before to go outside. Vikram says that I am going to meet Avantika now. Sarocha stops him by saying that Avantika ordered me to stop you from going outside. Vikram is getting angry.

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