Naagin 2 1st April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 1st April 2017 Written Update Episode– Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The serial start with the scene in which Rocky says to Romil that you gave me a bhaang and now I am getting out of control. So it’s better that I drink more bhaang and then I will get alright. Rocky is going inside with the Romil. Yamini is coming there and then asks where is Rocky? Shivangi says that he is going inside and I am going to bring a lemonade for him. Yamini says that I also need one lemonade. Shivangi is going inside to bring lemonade for Yamini and Rocky.

Here Shivangi is going to meet Gurudev in the Shiv temple. She asks him why am I getting unsuccessful in taking Avantika’s avatar? Gurudev replies that Shesha and Yamini were coming to know about Avantika’s death. Shivangi is getting scared to hear this. Gurudev says to  Shivangi that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright.

Yamini says to Shesha that the water is going above the head. So it’s better to call that person as soon as possible. Shesha asks who? Suddenly, the 8th killer is coming there by wearing a red hoody and black mask too. Yamini says to remove the mask and shows your real identity to Shesha. Suddenly, the 8th killer removes the face mask and then Nidhi is present at the place. This is really shocking to see that Nidhi chachi is the 8th killer.

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Naagin 2 1st April 2017 Written Update Episode

Nidhi thinks that she will use Shivangi and then kill all people there like Shesha, Yamini. Later she will get naagmani and then runs away from here. Yamini and Shesha are making a plan against Rudra’s partner. Nidhi hears everything but not to inform anyone about Shivangi’s reality. After some time, all people are enjoying dinner in the night time whereas Yamini, Rocky, and all people are talking to each other about bhaang. Actually, Yamini’s hangover is not getting down. She is still effected by the bhaang drink. She starts to talk about Avantika. Shesha says that Yamini is not feeling well. So that I will leave her into her room. Shivangi says let me help you. Shesha says no, I will handle her. After some time, Shesha and Yamini are talking to each other about Rudra’s partner. Here Nidhi is talking to Shivangi. Yamini says that we are tensed here and Nidhi is enjoying there.

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After some time, Yamini calls Nidhi in her room. She says to Nidhi that you are doing a time pass instead of doing something productive. Nidhi asks what will I do? Yamini says that I want Rudra’s partner and then I want naagmani at any cost. Nidhi says I did a lot for you and that is, I killed Shivanya by taking Rocky’s avatar. Yamini says that no, we also helped you in killing Shivangi.  Later Nidhi is coming out from Yamini’s room and then Shivangi is coming in front of her. Nidhi says she have to divert Shivangi’s mind. She starts to walk like Mansi bua and then goes into her room. Shivangi follows her. Later Shivangi says to Nidhi that I am sure that 8th murderer is Mansi bua. Nidhi says that I am also thinking the same.

Naagin 2 1st April 2017 Written Update Episode

After some time, Nidhi puts her red hoody dress in Mansi’s room. Later she starts to provoke Mansi by saying that you will burn this red dress and then you will feel good. Mansi says ok. Here Mansi is burning the dress. Nidhi informs Shivangi for this. They are going to see Mansi where she is burning her dress. Shivangi says that now I am 100% sure that Mansi bua is the 8th murderer. Shivangi added that I will kill Mansi at any cost. Nidhi is getting scared to hear this. Suddenly, Rocky is coming there and asks Mansi what happened? Mansi says I am trying to finish my all problems and nothing else. Rocky says that I can’t understand your line. Mansi says you just leave it and let we go inside. Here Shesha and Yamini are making a plan to catch Rudra’s partner today because today is pornamasi and today, all snakes can change their kenchuli. So that, we will catch Rudra’s partner at any cost. Nidhi thinks that she will save Shivangi at any cost because Shivangi is the only one who will help Nidhi in getting naagmani. Here Shivangi’s sister is getting pregnant because of Sushant. She is going to talk to Sushant and he denies to accept the baby. She slaps him very badly and then goes away from there. Sushant looks on. Shivangi is tensed to think about her revenge.

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