Naagin 2 20th May 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 20th May 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Rocky is in the hall room whereas all the people are showing their concern to Rocky. But he feels something strange. Suddenly, Mansi is falling down and she screams very badly. Alia and her cousin are handling Mansi and make her sit on the sofa. Alia asks how did you fall down? Mansi replies that I don’t know how I fell down?

Rocky is going inside and then shouts very badly like how is he? Who gave a birth to him? Whose blood is inside his veins? He thinks he must have to find out his reality. He comes near to the window and then gets snake avatar. He flies. Shesha comes there and thinks where is he going now? But she thinks that Rocky is a takshak snake and that’s why he flies. She thinks she will take him away from here whenever he will come back.

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Naagin 2 20th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Here Rocky is coming to meet Babaji and asks him what happened to him? Babaji asks you tell me, what is this? What happened to you because something definitely happened on your 27th Birthday. Rocky says let me show you my truth? He takes snake avatar again just to show his reality to babaji. He gets happy to see this. Shesha is also coming behind him.

Shesha implements a plan due to which she will take an entry to Rocky’s home again. Rocky sees one snake. He thinks Shivangi is not a snake yet then who is this? He starts to follow that snake and then reaches to the shiv temple. Here Rocky sees Shesha behind the wall in the very bad condition. He gets so happy and then hugs Shesha aka Ruchika. He says that I think you get to die. But now I am so happy to see this.

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Ruchika says that Shesha made me a stone before some years. Rocky says you don’t worry I will take you back to the home. Ruchika gets so happy to hear this. Here Yamini is going to the babaji’s venue where she sees like babaji is talking to someone about his plan like he just want a naagmani and now Rocky will do his work. Yamini gets shocked to hear this because she thinks babaji helped her only but the reality is something else.

Yamini starts to follow that man who was with babaji when he discussed his plan. She goes behind him but he gets disappear after some time. She comes back to the home whereas Rocky calls all family members in the hall room. Yamini asks what happened? Rocky says that I bring a very big surprise for you. Yamini laughs and says that you are my happiness then what could you bring here? Rocky calls Ruchika inside the home.

Naagin 2 20th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Yamini gets so much happy and thinks that her kaali naagin urf rangili naagin is coming back finally. But how? All people are getting so much happy to see this except Shivangi because She is upset by seeing Ruchika alive yet. She thinks how is she alive? But Yamini hugs Ruchika and welcomes her. Later Yamini says to Ruchika to come inside because I want to talk to you a lot. Ruchika is coming inside. Yamini says I though you got to die but you are alive here.

Shivangi is coming to Rocky’s room and says that if Ruchika is alive then how it proved that I am killer. If your badi maa and Ruchika are in front of you then why are you blaming me like a culprit? Rocky says that I don’t want to hear a single word from you. Even I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Shivangi says you have to talk to me right now. Yamini comes there and how dare you to talk to Rocky like this?

Rocky asks what happened badi maa? Badi ma says to Rocky that I want to talk to you something urgent alone. Rocky says we have to outside because as you know Shivangi won’t go anywhere from here. Shivangi shouts and says that I am going from here. Shivangi is getting shocked when she will come to know that Yamini and Babaji came to know about Rocky’s reality that he is a snake and he is also so many supernatural powers. She is getting shocked to thinks this.

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