Naagin 2 22nd April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 22nd April 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

The serial start with the scene in which  Shiv mandir is being shown after a leap of 45 days in which a man is sitting, who says like winds are blowing in a different direction today and hence it would be great for all. Here Rocky is sleeping on the bed and two snakes are coming into his room. Here Shivangi is behind the bars and she prays to god to please protect her Rocky.

Later Rocky organized a party where a number of people are coming in the party. One of the girls is trying to trap Rocky in the party by showing her beauty. But Rocky is ignoring her completely. A song plays on behind this scene that is,”Dhak Dhak Dhadke Ye Chan Chan Bole.” There is who is looking so close to Rocky. She is cutting the cake and then offers a bit to Rocky. But he is not eating that bite.

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Naagin 2 22nd April 2017 Written Update Episode

Here a fight begins in the jail where a Shivangi is being kept. She is also coming outside the jail and then tries to run away. Suddenly, she feels like her naagin super-natural powers are coming back. She is chanting Rudra-Shivangi-Shivanya. She becomes a big golden snake and then starts to kill all people who are present there. She remembers Shivji and thinks that how her powers are coming back? She becomes an ordinary woman then how these powers are coming back.

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This new girl name is Tanya who is Rocky’s business partner. Rocky says thank you to her because she is handling his business and family too. She laughs and says that this is my family too. Rocky smiles too. Apart from this, Mansi Bua, Alia, and all other cousins of Rocky are also present there. But suddenly, Tanya’s mother is making an announcement of Rocky and Tanya’s engagement. Rocky and Tanya are getting jerk to hear this.

Naagin 2 22nd April 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky asks Tanya what is this? What is your mother announcing here? Tanya says that I don’t know anything about this matter. Let us talk to my mother. They are coming to talk to Tanya’s mother. Tanya says to her mother that we are just friends and friends will never marry each other. Tanya’s mother says that I can’t break this engagement right now. You have to wait for some time and then I will make some decision.

Tanya’s mother says that I already invited so many people from America and that’s why I can’t break this marriage. She begs to Rocky not to break this engagement this time. Even I think you people will do this engagement and then break this engagement as soon as possible. Tanya asks what is this? Rocky stops Tanya from saying anything and says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright.

Here Gurudev is thinking about Shivangi like where is she because Rudra and Shivanya are not getting bliss yet. So that Shivangi must have to take revenge from all her enemies and then they will get enlightenment. Shivangi is reaching there in the temple. Gurudev gets shocked to see her in snake avatar. He asks who are you in the snake avatar? Shivangi replies that I am also shocked because I am getting my all supernatural powers back but why? Gurudev replies that Shivangi and Rudra didn’t get bliss. So that, you got these powers back. You have to use your powers and find out the reason behind to come back of your powers.

After this, Shivangi is coming at Rocky’s home but she gets a lock there. Does she get tensed to think that where are the family members? She changes her avatar and then asks a guard about all family members. But he asks who are you? She replies that I belong to Mansi’s village. So that I have to meet her as soon as possible. Then guard replies that Rocky handover wife to the police and then all people shift Pune. Shivangi asks what is their address? He denied giving an address to her. But she threatens him like when Rocky will come to know all this then he will punish you. Guard is getting tensed and then gives an address to Shivangi.

Finally, Shivangi is coming to Pune and asks someone about an address. She goes there and comes to know that, a function is going to happen in this house because the house is fully decorated. She changes her avatar and then sees Yamini with a strange man there. She gets shocked. Here Tanya is coming in Rocky’s room and says that why are seeing my sautan’s photo because our engagement will be going to happen. He looks on. She laughs and says that I am kidding only. Rocky says I am your friend and that’s why I understand you. So you just chill and let it be. Finally, Shivangi comes to know that Rocky is going to get engage with Tanya. She gets shattered. So that Shivangi decides to stop this engagement.

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  1. kanak

    i just hope that rocky accepts shivangi and kill yamini and the murderer of rithik who is that man who accompanied yamini

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