Naagin 2 23rd April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 23rd April 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Rocky is getting ready in his room in front of the mirror. Shivangi is seeing him by standing behind the door. Suddenly, he gets a call from the Police station. Then a constable informs Rocky that some prisoner were getting die in the jail. Maybe your wife was also getting die in that fire. Rocky is getting shattered and gets upset too. A song plays on behind this scene “Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.” Shivangi sees everything and feels like Rocky doesn’t love her and that’s why he is not getting affect by my death news.

Here Yamini is coming there in the function and meets Rocky. He says I was informing you on a very short notice and after that, you are here. This is such a great thing for me. Yamini says that you are my son and that’s why I have to come here. Actually, the Pandit ji named as Mahendra Pratap Singh saved Yamini’s life. After that, they shifted to London and now they are coming back to India. Shivangi is getting shocked to see Yamini and then she gets tensed to think about the surprise for which Yamini was talking in the function.

Yamini goes out and then brings one man inside. Shivangi comes to know that she brought Mahendra Pratap Singh here. But why? Later Yamini takes him inside and introduces him as her younger brother. Rocky touches his feet and takes some blessings. Alia and all other people are getting so happy Yamini and her brother there.

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Naagin 2 23rd April 2017 Written Update Episode

All people are saying to Rocky and Tanya to exchange the rings now. Don’t be hesitate. Suddenly, Shivangi is coming there in her real avatar and says to stop this engagement right now because I am coming back now. As you know, I am Rocky’s wife. Everyone gets shocked except Rocky. Rocky asks what are you doing here? Shivangi says that you are snatching my right and that’s why I came here because I have to stop you. Rocky says that you have killed my all family members and now you are coming here to show your rights.

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Rocky called her cold blooded murdered.Now you have to go out from here and nobody will stop me from doing this engagement today. If someone has guts to stop me then show me, who will stop me. Shivangi asks you hates me like this. Rocky says yes I hate you and now I will do everything in front of your eyes. Not like you because you did everything behind me. Rocky makes her wear a ring. Even they are exchanging the rings. A song plays on behind this scene,”Khogya Khogya, Waqt Mera Khogya.” She is recalling those moments when she was getting intimate with Rocky first time. She missed her love and then breaks down very badly. Yamini offers a laddoo to Shivangi just to tease her for this engagement.

Naagin 2 23rd April 2017 Written Update Episode

Shivangi is crying a lot and then comes into the Shiv mandir where she meets with Gurudev. She says that how will I complete my revenge? Rocky is marrying some another girl then how will I complete my revenge. Gurudev is getting changed suddenly and says that how will I naagmani. I made a plan like when you will complete your revenge then I will ask naagmani from you. Shivangi says what? Gurudev gives some injuries to Shivangi and asks her that you will return naagmani to me or not? Shivangi says that I will not give naagmani to you. Gurudev says that if you broke someone’s trust then nobody starts to trust you again soon. You have to wait for some time and then takes your revenge. Shivangi says that I understand Gurudev. I will go there and save my love for taking a revenge on my enemies.

Here Yamini is seeing into the mirror and sees her wrinkles. She is getting angry and says that I don’t want to see Shivangi’s face again. Rocky is coming there and says that I know you were getting hurt but I will stop her from coming near to you. After some time, Rocky is coming in the hall room with all family members. Yamini asks what happened? Then Police Inspector says that we gave bail to Shivangi because Yamini is still alive and we caught her in Yamini’s murder. But now if Yamini is alive then why will we catch Shivangi. Later Shivangi is coming there. Yamini and Rocky are getting shocked to see her. Even all family members including Alia, Mansi bua, and all other people are getting shattered to see her there. Rocky asks why are you coming here? You don’t have any right to stay here. Shivangi says that I am your wife and that’s why I have a right to stay here.

Rocky says you have to leave this place right now. Rocky catches Shivangi’s hand and then leaves her outside the door. A song plays on,”Tere Sang Pyaar Main Nahin Todna.” Shivangi is crying a lot. In the morning time, Rocky wakes up and gets shocked to hear some sounds like,”Aurat Ka Samman Karo, Aurat Ghar Ki Lakshmi Hai.” Rocky asks what is this? Those ladies are replying to Rocky that you don’t leave Shivangi because she is your wife. Shivangi says that he is my husband and he is not ready to keep me here. Rocky says that she is a murderer.

Shivangi says that he blamed me for his badi maa’s murder but she is still alive. One of the Morcha lady says that your badi maa is alive who is looking so healthy and fit. Then what is the problem? Morcha ladies says that you have to keep Shivangi in this home otherwise we will call the police here. Rocky says ok you have to call the Police here. Yamini stops him and says that We are ready to keep Shivangi here and now I will proceed their divorce. Later Shivangi is coming in Rocky’s room. He is talking to the lawyer about the divorce papers. Later he asks Shivangi that what are you doing here? Shivangi replies that I am your wife and I have all right on your all things. Rocky says ok you may stay here. But I don’t want to live with you. He starts his packing. Shivangi says that if you hates me then you have to prove your hate by living with me in the same room. Rocky says that I am already processing divorce papers and will give you within 2 months. Shivangi thinks that 2 months are enough for me because I will take my revenge soon. Here Mahendra says to Yamini that if Shivangi will come to know my reality that I killed her father then? Yamini stops him and says that walls are also having ears. So you just keep this secret inside your heart. Otherwise, I will handle everything in this plan. Later Rocky brings his friend in the home just to make Shivangi jealous.

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