Naagin 2 24th June 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 24th June 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

The Colors channel naagin serial starts with the track in which Jadunath is having a naagmani and says to all that I am having a naagmani and I won’t give this naagmani to anyone else. Shesha, Rocky, and Yamini are also there. Shesha gets angry to see naagmani in babaji’s hand. She says to Rocky that we have to kill him right now. Rocky stops her and says that Jadunath is having a naagmani. So that he will snatch our powers if he wants.

Yamini thinks that Rocky is doing an acting here and I am sure that he is in Shivangi’s team. Jadunath is running away from there. Rocky says to Shesha that you don’t worry, I will bring him back. Rocky is going behind Jadunath. Shivangi and Rocky are catching Jadunath in the forest. Jadunath says that I will snatch your super powers now. Jadunath tries to use naagmani.  But he doesn’t know that his naagmani is a duplicate.

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Naagin 2 24th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky says to Jadunath that your naagmani is a duplicate. Jadunath is getting shocked. Finally, Rocky and Shivangi killed Jadunath. Later Rocky goes to meet Shesha and Yamini. Shesha asks where is naagmani? Rocky says that I am bringing naagmani back from Jadunath by killing him. Shesha asks why did you kill him? Rocky says he was trying to snatch my super powers. So that’s why I have killed him. Later Rocky and Shivangi meet with each other. They are seeing naagmani book where they are seeing two snakes who are looks alike to them.

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Shivangi asks what is this? Suddenly, a pandit is coming there and says that these two snakes love each other. They are made only for each other. Shivangi and Rocky are getting shocked to hear this love story. After to coming back to the home and then makes a plan. Later Shivangi takes an avatar of a lady who gives all suggestions to Shesha. She tells to Shesha that you have to marry Rocky today. Shesha looks towards the Rocky? Rocky says that I am ready to marry Shesha today. Shesha is getting so happy. Later Yamini and all people are getting busy in the preparations.

Naagin 2 24th June 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky kills Shivangi and says her that I am getting sick of to see your face, your identity, and your everything. Shivangi is screaming in pain and asks Rocky why is he doing this? Rocky says I don’t want to see your face anymore.\


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