Naagin 2 27th May 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 27th May 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Shesha is catching 2 or 3 people in her tail. She tells to Rocky that naagmani will shine today. Shivangi hears their conversation and then gets shocked. Here Jadunath is catching Gurudev and says that I am more powerful than you.

A party is going on in Rocky’s home and then all people are enjoying there. Rocky dances with Shivangi on the song i.e,”Yeh Mosam Ki Barish, Barish Ka Pani, Pani Ki Boonde, Tujhe Hi To Dhunde,” Even Shivangi is looking so hotty in a red dress. Rocky and Shivangi are romancing each other. Shesha is also roaming there and she is getting angry to see all this. Here all people are wearing masks. Yamini considers Mitali as Shesha. She says to Mitali that we will grab naagmani at any cost. Mitali removes her mask and then Yamini comes to know that she is Mitali. She changes her words and recorrects her words.

Here Shivangi is feeling low. She needs to sit down. Rocky makes her sit down and asks her what happened? Shivangi says that I am feeling so low and that’s why I want to sit here easily. Tanya is coming there and asks Rocky for the dance. Rocky says Shivangi’s health is not good and that’s why I am here. But you are asking me for the dance. What is this? Shivangi says to Rocky that what happened? You may go and dance here.

Suddenly, Tanya says to DJ to play snake song. He plays the snake song and that’s why everyone is going from there like Rocky, Shivangi, and Shesha. Rocky and Shivangi are going on the terrace where they are converting into their snake avatar. Yamini is trying to find out Shesha but nobody is present in the party. She thinks maybe Shesha is on the terrace because of this snake song.

Naagin 2 27th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Here Rocky says to Shivangi that we have to go from here because naagmani will blow there anytime. Shivangi says ok. Yamini sees them and comes to know that Rocky is a snake. She decides to inform Shesha about this. Suddenly, Shesha is coming there and says that I know Rocky is a snake. Yamini asks why didn’t you inform me yet. Shesha says I was thinking like you tell to your new partners. So that’s why I hide all of this from you. But now Rocky also knew that I am a snake and now he is going to take naagmani from Shivangi’s hand.

Here Jadunath is talking to Tanya and says that today naagmani will shine out again. Tanya says why are you getting worried? We are a fully powerful person then what is the big deal? Jadunath says that someone is more powerful as compared to us. Tanya asks who? Jadunath says that Rocky, Shivangi and Shesha are going to take naagmani till then you just chant black magic mantra’s due to which you will make everyone freeze at their places soon.

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Tanya starts her mantra’s and then everyone gets to freeze in the home. But Shesha, Shivangi, and Rocky are reaching to the Shivji’s den just to take naagmani. Rocky and Shivangi are inside the temple whereas Yamini, Mahendra, Mitali, Alia, and all other family members are getting fixed on their places. Here Jadunath is going to talk to Gurudev. He disturbs him during the pooja.

Naagin 2 27th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Finally, the naagmani is flashing in the Shivji’s temple. Rocky and Shivangi are getting so happy to see this. Shivangi is taking naagmani and then comes out from the den with Rocky. He snatches that nagmani from Shivangi. She gets shocked very badly. Shesha is also coming there and then says that we are together. Even Rocky is not ready to see your face. Later Shesha throws Shivangi from the height. Rocky cries very badly.

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