Naagin 2 29th April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 29th April 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Shivangi will make a solid plan to kill Yamini as soon as possible. Even she will plan something against Mahendra because he killed her father Rithik. In the night time, Shivangi wakes up and doesn’t get Rocky there. She thinks where is Rocky? She is trying to find out Rocky everywhere but then she gets Rocky at Takshak mountain. She gets shocked and tensed too by thinking that why is he coming here?

Rocky is thinking like this is the same place which always comes in his dreams and even this is the same location where Shivangi killed Ruchika. But why is this location coming into my dreams? Suddenly, he sees one portrait of a woman. This is the same women which are coming in his dream too. He gets tensed to see that portrait. Suddenly, Rocky is getting a severe head pain and then he falls down from the cliff. Shivangi sees him and gets tensed too.

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Naagin 2 29th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Shivangi is taking a snake avatar and then jumps behind Rocky. She brings our Rocky safely at home. Just to see Rocky alright, Shivangi says thank you to Lord Shiva for returning her supernatural powers back to her. Later she brings Rocky at home. But when he comes in a conscious state, he asks who brought me here? Shivangi comes there with a tea and says that I did this. Rocky shouts at her very badly and then asks her why is she doing all of this?

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Here Yamini is coming to talk to Tanya’s mother. Actually, Tanya’s parents are getting hyper because Yamini is not making any plan to kill Rocky? Why we wait for his birthday? Yamini says that if you people think anything wrong about Rocky then Mahendra Pratap will kill you because he is Rocky’s real father. So that we have to wait here for some time. Yamini takes a gun from Tanya’s father and says that I will not return you back because I can’t trust you.

Here Shivangi is making a bed sheet and all in her room. Suddenly, Tanya is coming there and thinks that she have to do everything whatever Rocky told her to do. She comes inside. Shivangi asks what are you doing here? Tanya says this is my fiance’s room and it’s my right to do everything. Shivangi scolds her and says not to make a joke of the relations. Rocky is my husband and that’s why I have a complete right to do everything.

Naagin 2 29th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky is coming out from the bathroom and starts to shout at Shivangi because she is not his wife. Tanya says to Rocky that why are you doing all of this? Let me go from here? Rocky says no to Tanya and says her to stand here. Rocky starts to do a drink. Shivangi is trying to stop him. But Rocky says her to stay away from me. Shivangi snatches a drink bottle from Rocky and throws it out. Later Rocky is coming downstairs with Tanya whereas Mahendra Pratap is coming there.

Rocky says hi to him. Mahendra is getting emotional to see Rocky. He asks Rocky that Are you fine? Rocky replies yes, I am fine. What happened to me? Mahendra thinks that I always take care of you. So you don’t worry, everything will get alright. Rocky asks what happened? He says nothing, I am just missing my son. Rocky asks where is your son? Mahendra says that my son is in the USA and I will show you whenever he will come here. Rocky says ok.

Yamini thinks that if Mahendra will get emotional to think about Rocky then he will ruin our plan. We have to get an alert. Rocky says that I am going to an office because I am getting late. So that Rocky and Tanya are going to an office. Behind them, Shivangi says to Mahendra that I know you people are planning against Rocky. But I will save Rocky at any cost.

Mahendra says that you were looking so innocent in the jail but you are so clever. Even you came n Rocky’s life just to take revenge from him. Shivangi says no, I love him so much. I want to take revenge from the people of this family because they have killed my mother. Mahendra says I know you are such an intelligent girl who can think always for your goodness. Shivangi is going from there and thinks that she made him angry and now he will discuss his plan with Yamini.

After this, Mahendra is coming in Yamini’s room just to talk to her. Yamini asks what happened? Mahendra says that Shivangi is in full confidence by thinking that we are planning something hard against Rocky. Yamini asks who told you? Mahendra says that Shivangi told me everything before some time and she was looking so much confident. He added that I know I have killed Rocky’s mother and I am his father. But I was in the jail.

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