Naagin 2 30th April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 30th April 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Shivangi is going to the Shiv Temple where she meets Gurudev. She says thank you to him because he shifted Lord Shivji temple from Mumbai to Pune only for her. Gurudev says that I didn’t do anything, this is all Lors Shiva’s wish. Shivangi says to Gurudev that Mahendra is Rocky’s father, not mamaji. Even though, all strangers who are living in his house, they are also with Yamini. Gurudev says that you have to find out Rocky’s past at any cost. Shivangi says ok.

Here Tanya, Alia, and all other cousins of Rocky are sitting together in the hall room. Alia says that I have one idea for Bhai’s birthday. They are asking what? Alia says that we will decorate bhai’s room with a barbie. Avni laughs and says that bhai is not a girl. We have to think something else for him. Suddenly, she gets an idea and says that I am going to the market now and will check some gifts especially for bhai.

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Naagin 2 30th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Here Mahendra is saying to Rocky that I have prepared a special juice for you. Rocky asks what does it need mamaji? You just take rest. Mahendra says that you don’t worry, You just take this juice and maybe you will feel good. Shivangi takes Avni avatar and goes near to Yamini. She hears like Mahendra is giving a Neena Juice to Rocky and due to which Rocky will get die. Shivangi is getting shocked. Here Real Avni is in the car and tries to make a call to home. But her phone is dead.

So that Avni is calling to Mitali and asks her if she wants from the market? Mitali takes the call and asks who is calling? She says I am Avni and calling you from PCO because my phone’s battery was getting dead. Mitali is getting shocked because here Shivangi is roaming in the home by taking Avni’s avatar. Shivangi is getting some doubt on Mitali. She comes there and takes the phone from Mitali and says that my friend Shravani is calling because we planned to go to the market but I am still here. So that I am going to the market.

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Here Mahendra is giving a juice to Rocky. Shivangi by taking Avni’s avatar is coming there and throws the juice very badly on the floor. Yamini and Mahendra are getting shattered to see this. They are shouting on Avni. But she says sorry to all and then goes away from there. Later Rocky calls Shivangi in the hall room. He calls Yamini and all other people are coming there. Rocky says to Shivangi to do a signature on these papers and I already did my signatures on these divorce papers. Shivangi takes a pen and throws all ink on the papers. Rocky shouts on Shivangi for ruining the papers. But he says to Shivangi that I will bring other papers tomorrow and just get ready because tomorrow will be the last day in this home.

Naagin 2 30th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Shivangi is going to Yamini’s room and says that I heard you have killed Rocky’s parents, I mean fake parents. Yamini looks on. She says to Shivangi to go out from my room right now because I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Shivangi is coming back to her room where she sees one portrait in Rocky’s almira. She starts to check out it. Suddenly, Rocky comes there and shouts like what are you doing here Shivangi? Here Shivangi changes her face and becomes Tanya. Rocky says sorry to her because she considered her as Shivangi and that’s why he was shouting at her. Tanya says it’s ok. She asks Rocky about that portrait. Rocky says that I got this from Takshak Mountain and this woman always comes into my dreams every night.

Shivangi says to Rocky that you just go and take bath. Suddenly, Mahendra is coming thereby leaving that photo on the floor. She hides by becoming a snake. Mahendra sees that photo and thinks how this photo came in this room, she is Rocky’s mother. Shivangi gets shocked to hear this. Later Mahendra burns that photo. Shivangi gathers all the burning pieces of photo and goes to Shiva’s temple. She says him to make this painting again. He prepares the painting. Shivangi goes to Takshak mountain just to find out all the truth of this photo. She gets her father’s photo there. But when she joins those pictures, she is getting shocked because these both photo’s are a part of the single painting. She brings that painting to the Shiva’s temple. Gurudev says her to find out the truth as soon as possible.,

Gurudev brings Shivangi in the temple where Gyaani Maa is doing a mata rani’s pooja. Shivangi meets Gyaani Maa who gives a thread to Shivangi by saying that you have to tie this thread on your hand and you will get indication whenever Rocky will indulge in any trouble. Shivangi comes back to her room where Rocky is trying to find out something. Shivangi asks what ar you doing here? Are you searching something? Rocky shouts on her and says her to keep quite.

Here Yamini kills Ritik and some other people are also present there.

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