Naagin 2 4th February 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 4th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Ruchika is asking Avantika and Yamini about Rocky. She is getting restless for seeing Rocky. But Avantika and Yamini are not replying anything. Ruchika is saying to Avantika that why are you getting restless, we will find out him. After this, Ruchika says that we have to find out Mahesh also because he took away naagmani with him. Yamini says to Avantika that you have to call your param aatma and then asks about naagmani,

Avantika calls her param aatma and asks about Mahesh because she got elope with naagmani. Shesha is going from there by saying that I have to find out my Rocky at any cost. Avantika says to Yamini that we have to follow Shesha now. Here Shivangi is crying a lot and she prays to god to save her husband’s life at any cost. Later a Sheshanaag is coming there. Shivangi asks him that if I will give him my poison then he will get alive or not?

Seshnaag is saying to Shivang that your poison won’t save his life, even my poison is worthless this time. I am unable to save his life because he is dead. Shivangi cries a lot and says that Rocky is my husband. I won’t let him go from this world like this. Even we didn’t spend a day with love yet. Please Sheshnaagi ji, please save my Rocky’s life now. Shesha naag says that we have only one way to save Rocky. Shivangi asks what?

Naagin 2 4th February 2017 Written Update:

Sheshnaag says that you have to bring naagmani here because the naagmani is only thing who will save Rocky’s life. Shivangi says that you don’t worry, I will save my Rocky’s life by bringing a naagmani here. Shivangi makes a call to Gurudev to inform him that Mahesh is coming there to get his horn because I told him about this horn location. Gurudev replies that you don’t worry, I will handle him. Even my Isht Dev is with me, so Mahesh won’t do wrong with me.

Mahesh is reaching there and asks Gurudev that where is your Isht Dev. Nobody will save you from my hands. Gurudev says him that if you can take one step inside this temple then my super natural powers will kill you. Mahesh is coming there. He is using his power over Gurudev. Suddenly, Rudra is coming there and stops him from killing Gurudev. Mahesh says to Rudra that his supernatural powers are not working then why he tried to threaten me, Rudra says this is Shiv Temple where an evil never become a winner. Mahesh asks really? Let see what will happen next. Mahesh is flopping their fire idea by using his powers.

Rudra is coming near to Mahesh. Mahesh is making a bad comment on Rudra by saying that I don’t think that you are a man, I think you are? He laughs after this. Mahesh catches Rudra’s neck and hangs him above. But Rudra is giving a full powerful answer to Mahesh by giving an answer to him. Both are getting into the fight very badly. Mahesh is beating Rudra and he can do the same.

Here Sheshnaag is trying to save Rocky’s body from Kaali Naagin (Ruchika aka Shesha). Shesha is coming there and gets restless because she is not getting Rocky yet. She is shouting very badly and calling Rocky’s name. Here Ruchika sees one wall and then think that how this wall is coming here? Here I saw the door. Suddenly, Yamini is coming there and stops Shesha from seeing towards the wall. Shesha gets angry and says that I know you are not thinking about Rocky.

But I have to find out Rocky at any cost. Even I will expose Yamini in front of all people. I know you family is like the whole sale shop. I know you have killed Rocky’s father and then grab all this property. Yamini gets silent. Shesha says to Yamini and Avantika to help in finding out the Rocky. Avantika says her to get relax because I will sho you Rocky right now. Here Mahesh killed Gurudeev. Rudra and Shivangi are crying a lot. They are thinking that they won’t let Gurudev’s scrifice worthless. They will bring an output of his death.

Naagin 2 4th February 2017 Written Episode:

Rocky says to Shivangi that Mahesh is very powerful and how will we deal him. Even we don’t have any supernatural powers. Shivangi says that we have to pray to our god to get back our supernatural powers right now. They are praying to god but they are not getting reply for this. Later they decide that Shivangi will go in an east direction and Rudra will go in west direction just to find out Mahesh.

Here Mahesh is reaching somewhere, where a function is going on. Here is maa durga’s function where a number of people are coming to head down in maa Durga’s feets. He decides to kill a number of people in the function and the stone made Maa Durga’s idol will see all this drama by sitting here. Here Avantika, Shesha, and Yamini are talking to each other. Shesha is getting restless to think that why is she not coming yet? She asks Avantika about her bee who was going to search out Rocky. Suddenly, a bee is coming there and says that I didn’t get Rocky anywhere. But I got Shivangi and Mahesh. They both are present in mata rani’s function. Shesha runs to meet Shivangi. Avantika tries to stop her.

But Shesha is coming here in the Mata Rani’s function where Mahesh is threatening Shivangi that I will kill everyone. Shesha sees Mahesh. But Mahesh is going inside the tree. Then, Shesha meets Shivangi. She asks where is Rocky? Shivangi is not replying her. Shesha says that I love Rocky a lot, even you also love him. So that we have to save Rocky at any cost. For this, it’s important that we have to join hand for saving Rocky’s hand. Shesha says Shivangi that you don’t worry, we will save Rocky by killing Mahesh. They both are joining hands together. After some time,  Shivangi and Shesha are coming in the Shiv Temple. They are asking Gurudev to help them in getting their husband’s life back. Gurudev says that you both are coming in Shesh Naag historic temple. Here all wishes are getting fulfilled.

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