Naagin 2 4th March 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 4th March 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The serial start with the scene in which Here Chachi is coming and sees Shivangi there in a naagin avatar. Chachi gets shocked very badly. Shivangi tells everything to her like Manav, Vikram, Yamini, Avantika, and Shesha have killed my mother Shivanya. Chachi gets shocked and asks did you kill Manav? Shivangi says that yes I killed him because he killed my mother. Here Rocky reaches near to the Naagmani and tries to touch it. But he hears a snake hiss sound there.

Naagin 2 4th March 2017 Written Update:

Rocky is reaching to the shiv temple where Naag Raaj scolds him by saying that you break my concentration and that’s why I will give you a punishment. Here Chachi and Uttara are coming to know about Shivangi’s reality. They are getting shocked. Chachi is getting faint. Shivangi is trying to handle her. Even Shivangi killed Uttara there.  She thinks that she can’t leave Uttara her, she must have to take this dead body away from here. Here Yamini thinks that she have to do sleep now. But when she goes into her room. She gets her bedding in a bad condition. She thinks maybe someone was coming here. But who? Later she decides to sleep down because she is getting so much tired.

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Here Naagraaj recognizes Rocky that he is Shivangi’s husband. He says to Rocky to go away from here right now. Here Shivangi brings Chachi in the Shiv temple. Rudra asks why you brought her here? Shivangi says that I don’t have any other option. So that’s why I brought Chachi here. Rudra says ok. Chachi is coming in conscious state and she is looking so much scared. Shivangi makes her relax and says that you don’t worry, we can’t do anything wrong with you.

Shivangi tells everything to her about Manav and all. Gurudev is also coming there and supporting Shivangi in all of this. Chachi replies that I know Manav was not the good man but he was my husband. So that’s why I am supporting him all the time. But now I am ready to support you Shivangi in all this work. Chachi asks her that Rocky knew all this or not? Shivangi says that Rocky doesn’t know about this because I didn’t marry him in love. But after marriage, I fell in love with him. Rudra is also present there and feels so bad after to hear all these words of Shivangi. He thinks that he never let her go in Rocky’s arms.

Naagin 2 4th March 2017 Written Episode:

Here Sushant is sleeping with Gautami. But after some time, he wakes up and then feels so strange. Sushant is looking towards Gautami and feels so happy to think that finally, he spend his precious time with Gautami. Again get feels something strange and then goes on the terrace. Sushant is getting into a big trouble. Actually, his neck is revolving in all direction just like a ghost. He thinks what happened to him? Here Gautami wakes up and gets herself clothless. She is getting shocked very badly. She wears her clothes and then makes a call to him. But he is not picking her call. Later Gautami is coming on the terrace and asks him that you was in my room. Sushant says yes I was spending my last time in your room. Gautami says I didn’t do anything and I never call boys into my room. Sushant says no, you never call boys into my room but you called me there. Sushant laughs a lot. Gautami is crying a lot. Here Shivangi says to Rudra to take Uttara’s body out from Yamini’s room. Rudra is coming there to take Uttara’s body. Shivangi is coming in her room. She shows like she is sleeping there. Rocky comes there. Shivangi asks where were you? Rocky says I am here and I didn’t go anywhere. Shivangi thinks that why is Rocky telling a lie? Rocky is looking so much tensed and he is going away from there.

Here  Rudra is in Yamini’s room. She feels someone’s presence in the room and then wakes up. Rudra thinks that Uttara’s body is sticking very badly. He decides to take Uttara’s body now. Here Alia, and all her cousins are going for the morning walk. Rudra gets tensed to see everyone wakeup early in the morning. Rudra tries to find out the place where he will easily hide Uttara’s body. Here Shivangi is trying to call Rudra but he is not picking her call. She is tensed. Rocky comes there and asks what happened? Whom are you calling now? Shivangi says no, I am just switching off the alarm. Rocky laughs and says her to sleep again because it’s early morning. Shivangi feels a changed behavior of Rocky. She decides not to take any tension. After this, Rocky gives naagin’s book to Shivangi and asks di you know about ichchadhari snakes. Shivangi says someone gifted this book to me and I love to read fiction books. But it never happens in our real life. Rocky go to sleep. Shivangi thinks that Rudra came to know something and that’s why she have to be alert. In the morning time, all people are gathering for the breakfast. Chachi aka Nidhi is serving food to all people. Actually, she thinks that Ruchika is also a snake. Nidhi is starring at her. Ruchika asks what happened? Nidhi says nothing,  I am just seeing like you are so beautiful. Ruchika smiles and says thankyou to her.

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