Naagin 2 5th February 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin 2 5th February 2017 Written Update, Written Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in Shesha and Shivangi are starting to do a dance in the Shiv temple on the song,”Aajao Aajao, Naag Raja Aajoo.” Gurudev is doing pooja at the same time. Suddenly, Shivangi and Shesha are falling down very badly on the floor. Shesha and Shivangi are getting up with full energy. They are seeing one evil stands there. Shesha says him that you killed my Rocky and now I won’t leave you. I will kill you with my poison. He says that I killed your Rocky finally and I know you won’t do anything against me.

He starts to attack Shesha and then she falls down on the floor. This evil is nobody else, he is Mahesh. He says that finally Shesha get die. Here pandit ji is saying some good words about Mata Rani. He says that when all married ladies are putting red colored dupatta on Mata Rani’s idol then mata rani will protect their husbands from all problems and troubles. After this, Pandit ji says that now we have to start mata rani’ aarti. A pooja aarti is going on.”Jai Maa Durga.”

Later Mahesh is coming in Mata Rani’s function and starts to kill people there. Shivangi is also coming there. All people starts to run here and there after to see devil Mahesh. One lady stuck there with her children. Her daughter is asking to her mother that who is he? She replies that devil is coming in Mata Rani’s function. Suddenly, Shivangi comes there and try to stop Mahesh. He says that  don’t live this lady, who will stop me.

Naagin 2 5th February 2017 Written Update:

Shivangi is saying to Mahesh that Mata Rani will come here to kill you. You just wait and watch. Mahesh laughs and lifts that lady in his hand’s clutches. He says to Shivangi that nobody will stop me. So you just forget everything now.  Shivangi starts to do a pray to Mata Rani and says that devil is coming in your temple mata rani. So you have to come here and save this innocent lady. Shivangi is doing her head down in Mata Rani’s feets. Suddenly, Mahesh is coming there and doesn’t get Shivangi there. He laughs and asks where are you coward Shivangi? Where are you? Where is your mata rani?

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Suddenly, light gets off. Mahesh says that why you switched off the lights? Are you coward? Suddenly, lion’s roaring sound is coming from somewhere. Mahesh asks who is here? Just come in front of me. Then, a Lion is coming there on which the mata rani is also sitting with her trishool’s. Suddenly, he sees Shivangi is becoming mata rani and sits over the lion. She is showing her super powers.

Mahesh laughs and says that you are coming here finally? But let me tell you that I am blessed that nobody kill me. Even I am having a lot of supernatural powers. Mata Rani says that whenever someone do wrong work by using hie/her blessed supernatural powers then Mata Rani is also coming there to kill them. Mata Rani says that I am shakti, Vishnu se vaishnavi, and all. She starts to attack over Mahesh. But her powers are getting useless. Mahesh laughs. Mata Rani aka Shivangi recalled Gurudev’s words that Mahesh’s horn is the only thing which may kill Mahesh. Shivangi attack over his horn and starts to kill him. Mahesh falls down on the floor.

Here Avantika is coming to find out Shesha in the shiv temple where Shesha is falling down on the floor. Avantika brings her in a conscious state. Shesha gets up and starts to find someone. Avantika asks whom you are looking for? Shesha says that I am searching Mahesh because I will kill him today at any cost. Shesha runs away from there. Avantika tries to stop her. Here Shivangi comes back and handovers Naagmani to Sheshnaag. He says that you have fulfilled your promise by bringing this naagmani back here. He starts to treat Rocky with naagmani and finally he gets ok but not to come in a conscious state.

Naagin 2 5th February 2017 Written Episode:

Shivangi holds Rocky’s hand and says that I won’t let anything happen to you. I love you so much. After some time, Rocky comes in a conscious state and calls Shivangi. But she sits near to him already. She makes him relax and says that you don’t worry. Everything is alright. Rocky asks how we came here? This Panchneer Haweli? How? Shivangi says that I got you here, don’t know how you came here? Rocky says that Mahesh is very bad boy and he is having very worst thinking about ladies. Shivangi says you don’t worry, he will go behind the bars because when I informed Shesha about Mahesh. Then, she made a complaint against him. So that Police took Mahesh with him. Later Shivangi and Rocky are sharing some romantic moments with each other. Shesha comes back. Avantika asks what is this? Who killed Mahesh? Who is more powerful than Mahesh because as we know that Mahesh was blessed and nobody kills him. After this, he got die then I want to know who killed him. Shesha says I don’t know, I was here in a faint situation. Then, how do I know about this. Shesha says let me go because I have to find out Rocky as soon as possible.

Avantika says to maakhio ki aatma to show where is Shivangi. It shows Shivangi and Rocky are together in the car. Here Rocky and Shivangi are romancing each other very nincely. He apprecciates Shivangi’s beauty and innocence. A song plays on,”Jane Kab Kahan Kisiko Kisi Se Pyar Hojaye.” Here Yamini is getting tensed to think that how Shicangi killed Mahesh. Suddenly, Shivangi and Rocky are coming back to the home. Yamini opens the door and asks where were you? Rocky says we were going to Panchneer Haweli to spend some time together. Yamini makes a plan to separate Shivangi and Rocky. She says that I want a coffee from your hands. Shivangi is going to the kitchen and starts to prepare coffee. Shesha comes there and asks how you treated Rocky? Shivangi says that I got naagmani from the temple . I got faint there. One lady or man was coming there to handover naagmani to me. So that I rushed to the hospital and gave treatment to Rocky. He was getting alright.

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