Naagin 2 6th May 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 6th May 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Yamini, Mahendra, and Tanya’s parents are coming to meet babaji where they are planning Rocky’s murder. Mahendra is getting shocked very badly and says that you will kill Rocky at that time. Yamini says ok. Mahendra says that if you will do anything wrong to my Rocky then I won’t leave you. Suddenly, Babaji is doing a magic and makes him faint. Yamini asks babaji that maybe it’s a right time to stab Rocky.

Yamini calls Rocky to her room whereas she tells Rocky to close your eyes for some time. Rocky closes his eyes and then asks Yamini what happened? Yamini says him to keep quite for some time. Rocky says ok. Even Mahendra is looking at Rocky and Yamini by standing on the door. Suddenly, Yamini stabs Rocky very badly. Rocky screams. Mahendra shouts. Here Shivangi feels like someone attacked Rocky.

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Naagin 2 6th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky is falling down and becomes unconscious. Yamini thinks that Rocky is dead. Rocky sees Yamini’s face and says that badi maa you are killing me how? Yamini is laughing very badly. Rocky gets unconscious again. Here Mahendra is shouting from an outside by taking Rocky’s name. Suddenly, Rocky is getting up and asks Yamini that shall we go outside? Yamini says yes. Rocky goes outside. A song plays on,”Kon Hai Vo Konsi Disha Se Vo Aaya, Baahubali.”

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Yamini is getting shattered very badly and thinks that how was he getting up alive? Here Babaji says to Mahendra that Rocky’s life is connected with so many people. So that we can’t think anything wrong about him. So that you don’t worry, he is alive for us. Mahendra is getting happy. Here Shivangi feels like something is happening with Rocky. She is going inside and starts to find out Shivangi there.

She is going to Tanya’s room and gives a poison to her. She sleeps down there. Shivangi is taking Tanya’s avatar and then comes outside. She sees Rocky by sitting alone. She goes near to him and asks him for the dance. Rocky says that I don’t have a mood. So you just go from here. Tanya/Shivangi forces her to dance. They are dancing on the song.”Yeh Mosam Ki Barish, Yeh Barish Ka Paani, Yeh Paani Ki Boonde, Ye Boonde Tujhe Hi to Dhoonde.”

Naagin 2 6th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Suddenly, Rocky is going from there by saying that I am feeling a lot of itching. Shivangi is also feeling the same. Rocky is going somewhere. Yamini and all people ar getting shocked to ask about Rocky that where is he? Here Rocky is becoming an ichchadhari snake. Shivangi sees him and gets shocked very badly. Actually, Rocky is becoming a snake who is completely against Shivangi.

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