Naagin 2 7th May 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist

Naagin 2 7th May 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 2 Future Twist on

Shivangi is shocked to hear about the snake avatar of Rocky especially that a Rocky belongs to her opposite party. Don’t know how it happened? She is going into her room where she sits aside of Rocky. She says that when a naagin loves someone, then the love is completely divine and pious. She takes Rocky’s hand in her hand and a song plays on behind the scene,”Tere Sang Pyaar Main Nahin Todna, Chahe Tere Piche Jag Pade Chodna.”.

Here Mahendra is trying to find out Kashi. But he doesn’t get Kashi there. Here Rocky gets up and feels a heavy head. He thinks what happened to him last night. He remembered something about last night when he was falling down from the cliff. Suddenly, Tanya is coming there and asks him what happened? Why he left the party last night and why is he looking so tensed?

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Naagin 2 7th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky is getting angry and then throws a tea on the floor. He shouts at Tanya also and says her to leave him alone. Tanya gets hurt and then comes to the hall room. Rocky is trying to stop her. He is also coming behind her. But she is not ready to reply him. Suddenly, Shivangi is coming there. Yamini asks her that why is she coming here? Shivangi says that nobody will throw me out from this home.

Rocky is coming there and says that I will throw you out from this house. But when he catches the hand, he feels something special and sees someone’s picture in Shivangi’s eyes. He is getting touch with her. Yamini and Mahendra are getting shocked to see this. They both are looking into each other’s eyes. Yamini shouts and asks Rocky whether you will throw her out from this house else I will do this? Shivangi says that nobody will do this. I will call Mahila Morcha here.

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She is making a request to Rocky to please give permission to her for staying here in this house because she is not having any other house. There are only five days are left in divorce and after 5 days, I will go from here. Rocky says no. But later he gives permission to her. Mitali asks him why is he giving permission to her? Rocky says it’s better to let her stay here for five days instead to face any mahila morcha. Again Rocky looks into her eyes and feels like his heartbeats are getting fast. He thinks why it happened to him?

Naagin 2 7th May 2017 Written Update Episode

Suddenly, Yamini calls everyone inside for the breakfast. She says I prepared an egg for Rocky especially. Rocky and all other people are sitting for the breakfast whereas Rocky eats all the food and finishes all the food completely. Later he asks Yamini that where is food Choti Maa? Why you prepared low quantity food today. There are a lot of people and after that, you prepared less food. All people are getting shocked very badly. Suddenly, Yamini is getting scared by seeing a lizard on the wall. She shouts. Rocky asks what happened? Yamini shows him a lizard. Rocky kills that lizard by staring at her continuously. Yamini is getting shocked to see this. Later Yamini

Later Yamini, Mahendra, and Tanya’s parents are going to meet Kashi Baba. Yamini asks him about Rocky’s powers. Kashi says that you don’t worry, I will find out his powers as soon as possible. In the midnight, Rocky is getting changed and becomes the snake automatically. He goes out from the window. Shivangi gets up and thinks where is Rocky? Here two people are running behind a girl just to rape her. But Rocky in snake avatar is coming there. One of the goon points a gun towards a Rocky snake. But he gets scared very badly and then falls down a gun. Rocky intakes that man. Shivangi comes there and then takes Rocky back to the home. He gets faint. She gives a treatment to him.

In the morning time, when Rocky gets up. He doesn’t get his clothes on his body. He asks Shivangi what is this? Where are my clothes? Shivangi gets silent. He feels a presence of some supernatural powers. He asks Shivangi what are you doing with me? Shivangi thinks that god has changed you from man to snake. Rocky says I am asking something? Shivangi is going from there. Here Kashi is doing hard efforts to find out Rocky’s powers. He make a magnet who will attract Rocky towards him and then he will find out his truth.

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