Naagin 2 8th April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Upcoming Story

Naagin 2 8th April 2017 Written Update Episode– Colors Nagin 2 Upcoming Story on

The serial start with the scene in which Shivangi is getting curious to know about the 8th killer of her mother. As we know, Nidhi Chachi is the 8th killer of her mother but she is playing hard with Shivangi by re-directing her mind towards Mansi Bua. Shivangi is coming to meet Gurudev and talks to him about her mother’s death. Here all people are getting tensed to think about Nidhi. All people are getting shocked. Yamini and Shesha are coming there and asks what happened?

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Naagin 2 8th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Suddenly, a pandit is coming there and says that an icchadhari naag or naagin are living in this house. Rocky says that you are such an intelligent pandit. If you know about the presence of Ichchadhari Nagin then you are also having a super power to recognize that who is an Icchadhari snake here? Baba ji says that yes definitely. Even I know that ichchadhari snake is living in front of your eyes and in your house all the time. Rocky says to Babaji to come inside and then will do some discussion.

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Rocky and Baba ji are coming in Rocky’s room where Baba ji is sensing something. He gets scared and then looks around in the room. Here Shivangi is coming back to the home where she feels someone’s presence in the home who is dangerous to her. She thinks who is coming at this home. Here Shesha is getting scared to see this babaji. She says to Yamini that, this babaji is so lusty and he was looking at me with his evil eyes. Yamini laughs and says that wow, every man is getting lusty for you.

Naagin 2 8th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Baba ji says to Rocky that your loved ones will hurt you. Even I have changed your room mirror and makes it full of supernatural powers. Now, this mirror will work very nicely whenever a snake will come in front of this mirror then he/she will get his real identity in front of this mirror. Rocky thinks that he will catch a snake soon. After this, Baba ji is coming in the hall room where all people are waiting for him. Yamini says that I always do a good work then why only wrong happened to me? Baba ji replies that your previous life work is now coming in the face of the devil in front of you. Shivangi is watching everything by standing outside the door. After some time, Baba ji is going from there. Yamini and Shesha are going to Rocky’s room where they come to know about the magic mirror which was made by babaji. Rocky says that when an ichchadhari snake will come in front of this mirror then his real face will appear in this mirror. Shesha gets tensed.

After some time, Shesha and Yamini are making a drama in front of Rocky that he did right to bring babaji here. Shesha says to Rocky to make 10 more mirrors of the same type and arrange in the full house. Due to which we will easily catch a snake who is present in the home. Shivangi is coming inside the home. Rocky asks her where were you? I was finding you. Shivangi says that I was going to drop Gautami at the airport because she want to go to Delhi for some time just to meet her friends. Rocky says ok. Shivangi asks to do some rest for some time. Rocky says yes.

Shivangi gets tensed to think about babaji because she don’t know why was he coming here? Shesha is coming there and makes he scared by saying that babaji was giving something to Rocky due to which he will easily catch the snake. So you are getting scared to hear this. Shivangi asks why? Why am I getting scared? I know ichchadhari naag’s only hurt those people who hurt them only. Shesha says wow you are having a lot of information about snakes. Shivangi says yes I know. Then? Shesha says nothing.

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