Naagin 2 9th April 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Upcoming Story

Naagin 2 9th April 2017 Written Update Episode– Colors Nagin 2 Upcoming Story on

The serial start with the scene in which Yamini asks Shesha that how will you save yourself from the mirrors because Rocky will hang mirrors in the whole house. Shesha says that you don’t worry, he won’t catch me because I capture my all superpowers in a pendant and becomes a human being for some time. Yamini gets relax to hear this. Here Shivangi is coming to meet Gurudev and asks her that how will she handle Shesha? Gurudev says that you have to bring Takshika’s head and then you will easily convert Shesha in the stone. Shivangi says that I won’t kill any innocent for my revenge. Gurudev says that Takshika is not innocent, she already killed so many innocent people. So you have to save all people from doing this. Shivangi says that I am going to bring Takshika’s head here and then I will kill Shesha at any cost.

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Naagin 2 9th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Rocky is coming to meet Babaji and asks him that I didn’t see any ichchadhari naag in the mirror. Babaji says that I know you didn’t see any ichchadhari naag and you are coming here to ask another way to catch ichchadhari naag. Babaji says that if you will go on the way which will suggest then you will be getting shattered to see some secrets. Rocky says that I am so much curious to catch that snake. Babaji gives a naag soochak yantra to Rocky. He says that naag soochak yantra will guide you the way where you will easily catch an ichchadhari naagin. Rocky says ok.

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Naagin 2 9th April 2017 Written Update Episode

Here Yamini is waiting for Shesha because she is not present at home from last so much time. She gets tensed to think about her because all partners are already dead and that’s why she don’t want to lose Shesha. Suddenly, Shesha is coming there and says that I got so many powers today. Yamini is getting so happy to see the colorful snake body of Shesha because she is getting so much powerful today after to attend Shiv Naag Utsav. Shesha says that I bite Shivangi in this Utsav and that’s why she is lying down in a pain somewhere. Yamini laughs. Here Shivangi says that I know Shesha got maha shakti today but it doesn’t mean that I am weak. Yamini says to Shesha that you won’t kill Shivangi because she is the only one who will take naagmani from there. So that I want Shivangi alive here but where is she? Shesha says that I will show you. She shows to Yamini that Shivangi is climbing in the north direction. Yamini says ok good now you will go and bring her. Shesha goes there and sees that Shivangi is going towards Takshak pahad.

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