Naagin 2 Upcoming News: Yamini Kills Shivanya in Rocky & Shivangi’s Marriage

Naagin 2 Upcoming News: Yamini Kills Shivanya in Rocky & Shivangi’s Marriage on

Are you badly awaited for the future episodes of Naagin season 2 which is only aired on Saturday on Colors TV Channel. But now the viewers are searching for the latest, spicy, and upcoming updates of Naagin 2. The upcoming episode of Naagin 2 will show that Shivangi and Rocky’s marriage date will get fix. So that couple will be getting so happy after this news.

On the other side, Shivanya will be getting so happy  because Shivangi’s marriage will happen before to turn 25 years old, As GuruDev told to Shivanya that if Shivangi will get marry to a normal man before 25 years age then she will never become a snake in her life, she will go away from the snake community. But if it will not happen then Shivanya will also become naagin just like you.

After to hear this, Shivanya was getting tensed. But now she will happy after this. Finally, Shivangi will be getting dressed up in a bridal attire. She is looking so beautiful in a bridal dress.  After some time, Rocky and his family will also come to Shivanya’s house. Rocky and Shivangi are looking so happy together.

They will think that, they will be getting re-unite forever but they don’t know about the twist and turns which will come into their marriage. The Shesha, Yamini, and Mahesmati will be coming in Shivanya’s house via secret entry by hiding their faces. Their motives are really very scary and evil. Check some more beautiful Hindi TV Serial Actresses.

Naagin 2 Upcoming News: Shesha Attempts to Kill Shivangi too

Here Shesha aka Adaa Khan will come to Shivangi’s room just to kill her. This is the first confrontation of Shesha and Shivangi aka Mouni Roy. However, Yamini will try to kill Shivanya. Due to which, she will easily get successful in her motives. Apart from this,  Yamini will find out the secret of Shivangi’s marriage that if she will not get marry before 25 then she will become naagin and vice versa.

So that Yamini will drop Shivangi’s marriage idea. On the other side, Yamini will kill Shivanya finally. But it would be interesting to watch, Will Shivangi and Rocky get marry or not? Will Shivangi becomes naagin or not? Stay tuned with us. We will update here all latest, upcoming Hindi serials, forthcoming, and Naagin 2 Written Updates. Feel free to ask your queries here below by using a comment box. If you like the story, share it with your friends via Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or anything else.

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