Naagin 3 10th June 2018 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist

Naagin Season 3 10th June 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist on

Indian Television Colors TV Channel Naagin 3 will bring a scene in which Arvind tells them everything about Icchadhari Naag and Naagins like how they can change their body, face, and looks according to their wish. On the other side, Bela thinks everyone will die. Bela thinks not only Mahir, and even though, everyone will die. Here Andy shoots at something. Later Bela follows Vish in haveli and then she, fortunately, sees her pic as naagin. Therefore, Bela comes back and tells everyone that Vish is a Naagin. Karan decides to expose Vish in front of everyone and later he points out his finger at Vish blaming her for his condition.

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Naagin 3 10th June 2018 Written Update Episode

Vish is making a plan and later she tells that she has changed her plan. She said that she won’t kill them directly, she will give them a very painful death. Andy is getting angry and says that how dare you to stop me because I am an owner of this place and that’s why I give all permissions to you. Arvind asks Any that why are you shaking? Are your hands shaking automatically? Suddenly, he asks di you hear any noise? Suddenly, they hear a snake sound and a big snake is coming in front of them. Mahir is also present there. He says them to get relax and not to worry.

This snake is nobody else, this is Vish who is coming here to kill them. Arvind says that maybe this snake is not happy with the open gate of this haveli. Andy is looking so much confidence and says that this is India and here we welcome snake also. Arvind says that I think we came to their house, they won’t come to our house. This haveli’s snake’s home, not our. Suddenly, Sheikh asks how long this haveli is situated here? Arvind replies that it is here 1000 years back. He asks who are they? Arvind replies that they are Icchadhari naagin’s.

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Naagin 3 10th June 2018 Written Update Episode

Andy asks him to stop everything right now. Otherwise, you will be getting into a big problem. But Sheikh asks him to continue and not to hear Arvind’s words. Sheikh says that I don’t believe like an Icchadhari naag can take human avatar, this is just a bookish story and nothing else. Later Arvind is going near to the portrait whereas he hears a snake sound. He sees Vish there and then he starts to shout very badly.

Vish says hello guys to all of them and introduces herself as I am Vish Khanna. Mahir asks what are you doing here? Vish says that she is the prime investor of this project. Andy says that everyone knows you and not Mahir will handle this project. Vish says that ok, no problem. But what happens if Yuvi will handle this project? Andy says not it’s not possible because he doesn’t have time for work because he is busy in partying all the time. Vish says that he is a smart boy and he will understand everything. Suddenly, Mahir says that I am the only one who will handle this project.

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