Naagin 3 16th June 2018 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist

Naagin Season 3 16th June 2017 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist on

Vish is in Shiv Temple whereas she is nearby to Shivling. Bela is coming there and then looks at her. She thinks what is she doing here? Raavi is coming behind Bela asks her what is she doing here? Within a second, Bela looks at Vish Ibut she gets disappear from there. She thinks where she has gone this time? Raavi is asking Bela again and again that what is she doing here? Bela asks her what are you doing here? Raavi replies that she forgot her room and that’s why I came here just to ask you. Later Raavi and Bela are coming inside.

Later Bela is going to call Maahir and says everything to him. Maahir says that I can’t get you but it’s ok, I am ready to come with you. Mahir and Bela are coming to Vish’s room and knocks at the door. Bela says that I am sure that she is not here because she is in the temple. Suddenly, Vish is coming outside in a stunning dress and asks who are you? She asks Maahir that what are you doing here in a midnight. But you are so late because I am already having a company. Suddenly, Yuvi is coming out from Vish’s room.

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Naagin 3 16th June 2018 Written Update Episode

Bela is getting upset and shocked too. Maahir asks Yuvi that what are you doing here? Yuvi starts explaining himself like he was just getting nervous to think about their marriage. So that’s why I came here for a wine and nothing else. Yuvi says her like a please baby, trust me. Vish repeats this like a please baby trust him and then smiles. Bela gets angry and then goes from there. Yuvi says to Mahir to please handle this situation for me. Mahir is coming behind her. He starts to make Bela relax but she asks if he want to do such kind of activity then why is he marrying me.

Adi is talking to his brother and then he assures him that Mahir bhai will be coming there soon. Vish decides to come to the Police Station and then meet up Adi there. Finally, the Vish comes to the Police Station just to meet Adi in his cell. She turns her head as Adi did. Here Mahir is coming to the Police Station just to meet his brother Aditya. He gets shocked very badly to see Vish in the Police Station. He looks scared too. He asks her that what is she doing here at the Police Station. Later Mahir warns Vish to stay away from his brother else he will do something wrong with her. Yuvi gets shocked very badly by seeing Vish. He runs away. Vish scares him very badly.

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Naagin 3 16th June 2018 Written Update Episode

Here Raavi is getting a phone call from her friend and comes to know that she got Justin Bieber’s show ticket. Raavi is getting shocked and says that now I am ready to come there. She gets ready and leaves the place for the show. Here Andy’s wife brings her husband into the mandap area whereas she says to Pandit Ji that see, I brought my husband here. Pandit ji says that you have to feed a milk. Andy’s wife says that I am ready for this. Pandit Ji says that no, not to your husband. You have to feed this snake. Sumitra says to Andy to stop all of this because today is marriage day. Pandit says that I am feeding this snake here. Here Vish is making a note and sends it to Yuvi in which she has written like she is waiting for him outside the garden area because she wants to meet him right now and today she is ready to give anything to him. Yuvi is getting excited and comes outside. Here Vish is taking Raavi’s avatar. Yuvi is coming there and catches Raavi in his arms and try to kiss her. Vish says him to come along with her because this is not the right place for these things.

Yuvi says that I mean you are coming here with full proof planning. Vish in Raavi’s avatar replies that yes full proof planning. Suddenly, one servant is coming there and asks Yuvi to come inside because everyone is calling him for pagdi ceremony. Here Sumitra says to Maahir to bring Yuvi here. Here Raavi brings Yuvi at a strange place. Yuvi asks her to start fast whatever she want to do. But Raavi changes her face and becomes Vish. Yuvi is getting restless and runs out from the car. He asks who are you? Vish replies that I am your death. Yuvi is screaming very badly and pleads for the help. But nobody is there without Vish. Suddenly, the weather changes completely and then Vish says him like maybe God wants to same with you. Here Mahir is coming to Yuvi’s room and calls him. But he is not getting Yuvi anywhere.

Sumitra, Mahir, and everyone is getting tensed to think about Yuvi. Here a servant is coming there and informs Mahir that Yuvi sir went out with a girl. He told me that he will come back after half an hour. Mahir says ok. But he looks still so much tensed. Here Yuvi is running very badly. Vish is following him. Yuvi asks who are you? She replies that I am naagin. Yuvi says what could I do with you? Vish says that you have broken a couple of lovers. You gave a lot of pain to them and at last, you have killed them too. Here Maahir is calling Yuvi again and again. Vish is cutting his call. Yuvi is trying to pick up the call. But Vish is taking a snake avatar and then says that you all will face this revenge. Finally, she has killed Yuvi. Here Mahir is getting restless and thinks that what will happen if you will not present in the marriage.

Here Mahir is coming to talk to Bela abut Yuvi but she is not ready to hear anything. She says to Mahir that I know what do you want to say, I trust you that Yuvi is a good boy because if he doesn’t love me then why he had decided to marry me. Mahir is trying to tell the truth. But she is busy getting ready for the marriage. She says that I am already little stressful. So please don’t worry, I am already satisfied with Yuvi’s side. Mahir says ok and he leaves the room. Bela asks can I come along with you donwstairs. Mahir says no, not now. I will call you whenever Pandit ji will call you. Bela says ok.

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