Naagin 3 22nd July 2018 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist

Naagin Season 3 22nd July 2018 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist on

Indian Television Colors TV Channel Naagin 3 will bring a scene in which Bela is coming to Jamini’s room just to find out some clue related to Jamini. Here is a haldi spreading on the floor. Jamini walks over it. But her foot prints are not coming on the floor. Bela sees everything and then gets shocked very badly. Bela makes an excuse and throws a paper near to Jamini’s foots. But when she sits down and check her feets then she doesn’t get get feet. Suddenly, Jamini laughs and asks what happened? Don’t you get my feets? Bela asks what? Jamini says I said, I am chudail. Bela gets shocked and asks what? Jamini says to Bela that I am chudial and also fly in the sky. Bela looks on. Jamini says that if you will say my truth to anyone then I will also tell them that you are a snake. Bela looks on.

Suddenly, Sumitra is coming there and gets shocked to see haldi on the floor. She asks Bela what is this? Bela says that its all my mistake. Jamini says that it’s ok aunty ji. Let it be. Sumitra says that ok, I will send new bowl of haldi. Here Vish in the face of Rihaan comes into the room and she looks so much tensed. She thinks that how will she go out from this situation and how will she find out any thing related to Jamini?

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Naagin 3 22nd July 2018 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist

Naagin 3 22nd July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Suddenly, the Maahir and all other boys are coming there. They are coming to take Rihaan in the haldi function. Rihaan aka Vish is making an excuses like I will come after some time because I want some time to get ready. Mahir says ok. But they are taking Rihaan outside for the haldi function. Here Bela is thinking that how will she tell everything to Vish about this? Here haldi function is going on. All ladies are applying haldi on Jamini and Rihaan also. But when Bela’s turn is coming then she hurts Rihaan aka Vish and asks her to come in the room now because she wants to talk to her something urgently. Maahir is getting jealous and angry too just to see Bela and Rihaan’s conversation. Bela asks Rihaan to come in the room because I will fill a medicine in your eyes.

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Naagin 3 Written Updates

Naagin 3 22nd July 2018 Written Update Episode:

In between, Jamini makes a call to ACP and asks him to find out some clues related to Bela because she is responsible for everything. ACP gets shocked and asks who are you? Jamini cuts the call. ACP check out the number and comes to know that someone called him from the Sehgal house. After some time, ACP is also coming to Sehgal house along with some agents who are spying Bela just to find out some clue against her. Now all people are enjoying a lot. All are dancing together. Here Bela tells everything to Vish about Jamini that she is a chudail. Vish says her to get alert all the time because she becomes very dangerous for them because chudail had so many power through which they can easily snatches our super powers. Bela says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting finished.

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