Naagin 3 7th July 2018 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist

Naagin Season 3 7th July 2018 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist on

Indian Television Colors TV Channel Naagin 3 will bring a scene in which Sumitra says to Andy that Maahir and Bela are going to the Kuldevi mandir for doing some rituals today. Bela and Maahir are coming there. They are taking blessings of Andy and Sumitra and then comes out for the Kuldevi tenple. After to reach there, Maahir says to Bela that we have to go inside the Kuldevi temple and I will carry you till there. Bela says no. But after that, Maahir lifts Bela in his arms and they both are looking into each other eyes. Bela asks him to leave her. Maahir says that maa said me and that’s why I have to do this at any cost. Suddenly, rain starts and then gets wet. Finally, they are coming to the Kuldevi temple. A song plays on behind the scene that is,”Talab Talab Talab Hai Talab Hai Mujhe.”

Sindoor falls down from the pooja thali and then Bela’s maang is getting filled up. Bela and Maahir are looking into each other’s eyes. Pandit ji says that if Kuldevi filled Bela’s hairline then it indicates like Maahir and Bela’s love will be forever. Even nobody will put their evil eye on this relationship and love. Bela gets shocked. Later Pandit ji says to Bela to do one round of this temple and Maahir will take an ows here. Bela goes out and thinks that, today she will kill Maahir at any cost because Vish told her to do this.

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Naagin 3 7th July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Bela is remembering all words of Vish and even though she has decided to kill Bela at any cost. Here Maahir says to the Pandit ji that I will look after Bela every time and I will take care of her every time. Even though nobody has decided our marriage but I have decided to marry her just to make her happy and wants to see her happy all the time. Later Bela comes back here. Pandit ji is giving his all blessings to this couple. Later he tells to Maahir to go back to the home because weather is not good. It is getting worst. But today god will fulfill your all wishes. Bela gets happy.

Here Maahir says to Bela that I love this place a lot and I always love to come here. Here Jamini is asking Adi about Rihaan like where is he? When will he come? Bela and Maahir are going towards the car. Suddenly, he gets Sumitra’s call. Bela is thinking about Maahir with a lot of feelings. But suddenly, Vish’s sender is coming there and asks Bela to kill Maahir at any cost. Later Sumitra tells to Maahir to give phone to Bela because I want to talk to her. Maahir calls Bela but suddenly, one men (Vish’s sender) attacks Maahir very badly. In between, Bela changes her avatar and then hits Maahir very badly. He falls down on the road. Here Adi says that he heard Rihaan’s voice message in which he mentioned that Bela wants to kill her. Anu hears everything. She comes to tell everything to Sumitra and Andy about Bela’s motive. Here Jamini is getting shattered to see this.

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Naagin 3 7th July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Here Bela is also changing his avatar and Vish’s sender, both are attacking on Maahir very badly. They are about to kill Maahir. Here Sumitra is getting tensed to see Maahir’s screaming voice. She is getting angry. She calls Andy and all other people are coming there. Anu tells Sumitra that Bela is Maahir’s enemy. Here Maahir starts to do fight with them and calls Bela’s name by saying that I want my Bela back at any cost because I don’t want to see her in any trouble. Here Bela in changing avatar sees everything but she is ignoring. But her marriage flashbacks are coming back to back in front of her eyes. Bela is getting emotional and a song plays that is,”Meri Duniya Looti Hai Jo Mere Saamne.” But she tighten her feelings and decides to finish Maahir at any cost. But somewhere Bela is getting soft for Maahir but she is thinking about Vikrant again and again. Here Anu is trying to prove Bela wrong by saying that she is top most enemy of Maahir.

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