Naagin 3 8th July 2018 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist

Naagin Season 3 8th July 2018 Written Update Episode Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist on

Indian Television Colors TV Channel Naagin 3 will bring a scene in which Maahir aka Pearl V Puri and Bela aka Surbhi Jyoti are falling down on the cliff. They are looking into each other eyes with a lot of romantic manner. Even though a song plays on behind the scene. But Bela shouts very badly because she gets scared too. Later Maahir and Bela are coming back to the home safely. Everyone is asking Anu that why are you doing this?

But later Jamini blames her by saying that Anu likes Maahir and that’s why I am sure that she did wrong to Maahir and Bela. Everyone gets shocked. Sumitra asks Anu that why you did this? How dare you to do that. Anu says no, I can’t do this. Jamini says that you have hidden Rihaan somewhere for getting Maahir. Everyone gets shocked. Jamini is laughing a lot by looking towards Bela. Bela is getting shocked to see everything. Maahir is asking to Bela to come upstairs now. Bela says I want to ask something. Maahir says that you have to take rest first and then you will think anything.

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Naagin 3 8th July 2018 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 3 Future Twist

Naagin 3 8th July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Later Sumitra is going to Jamini’s room along with Bela. Sumitra asks Jamini whether we come inside or not? Jamini says yes. Sumitra says if you never eat anything then how will you feel good. Maahir is also coming there. Sumitra says that you have to take care of yourself and not to think anything more. She says thanks to Sumitra for taking care of her like this. Later Sumitra asks Maahir that where is Adi now? Maahir replies that I don’t know maa, firstly Uvi then Rihaan and now Adi. All are getting missed out from this house.
Sumitra says that you don’t worry, I will make a call to his friends and asks them about Adi. Here Jamini is hanging Adi in his room by making his size small. Jamini says to Adi that all people are getting tensed for you but let me tell you that I am coming here for Bela only. Later Jamini starts to fly in the room and says to Adi that I am vamp (Chudail). Actually, I know Bela is Naagin and that’s why I am saving her from you people. That time you were going to tell the truth to all family members about Bela’s truth. So that’s why I did all this to you. Here Adi is screaming for the help. Jamini is getting angry and starts to hurt Adi very badly.

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Naagin 3 8th July 2018 Written Update Episode:

Here Bela is thinking about Jamini that why is she doing all of this? Even she is looking so much innocent but that Rihaan was such a bad guy. Later Bela thinks that I have to ask Jamini that why is she saving me all the time? Why is she sacrificing for me? Here Jamini is taking a chudail avatar and she is throwing Adi from the terrace. Adi is screaming very badly and he is hanging in between the earth and sky. He is looking so much scared too. Adi is saying like please help me. Bela is knocking at Jamini’s room. But nobody is opening the door. Here Anu is coming to Officer’s room and says him that I am innocent and even though Bela is a naagin. But Officer replies that you can do anything to prove Bela wrong because you loves Maahir very badly. Anu is trying to talk to Officer. But he replies that I don’t want to talk to you right now, you will come to the Police Station tomorrow.

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