Naagin Season 2 10th December 2016 Written Update Episode 19th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 10th December 2016 Written Update Episode 19th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial Starts with the scene in which Yamini will going to Ankush’s room where he is sleeping. She will make a plan to kill him. After some time, a black snake is coming in Ankush’s room just to kill him but the snake is feeling shocked when the snake will come near to Ankush Raheja. Ankush will wake up and thinks that Yamini is trying to kill me by sending such type of snake here.

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Here Shivangi will be going to meet Rudra. She will tell everything about Ankush Raheja to him. He will understand everything and says that if we will bring Anky 2 in an opposite of Yamini then we will easily complete Yamini int his game. Shivangi says that you are saying exactly right. Due to which we will easily win our game. Rudra says that you don’t worry, I will make a solid full proof plan against Anky 2 and Yamini. Just wait for some time. Click here-> Naagin 2 4th December 2016 written update.

After some time, Yamini sends Avantika and Shesha just to kill Anky party 2 (Anky’s elder brother). Actually, he is coming here to get the property and especially naagmani. After some time, Makhi and Naagin are coming there where Yamini is waiting for them. She asks what happened? They are replying to Yamini that we were getting fail to kill him. So that we are coming here. Yamini thinks that he is having something so that he is saving him.

Naagin Season 2 10th December 2016 Written Update Episode 19th:

After some time, Yamini is going in Anky’s room just to find out that kavach through which he is saving himself. She opens the bag and then Anky is coming there. He start to scold Yamini very badly by asking that what is going on? What happened? She is getting scared and says that I am coming here just to check out something. He asks what? She says that I have a garud mani (suraksha kavach) who will save me from naagin. So that I will bring this for you also.

He says that you have to bring a kesar hot milk for me. She is going from there. In the night, all people are enjoying a dinner. Yamini and Anky 2 are coming there. Yamini says that I am going to introduce someone here who is a new member of this home. She calls Rudra there as Srivastva’s son. Rocky gets angry after to see his face. He says that he is not a good boy, so that I will kill him. Yamini stops him and makes a fake story in front of him.

Shivangi is getting shocked to see Rudra with Yamini and Anky 2. She thinks that maybe Rudra joins hand with Yamini. After some time, Shivangi meets Rudra and asks him what is going on? He tells a full story to him that he called Yamini and Anky somewhere to meet by saying that I am your new relative. But when Yamini and Anky 2 were coming there. They were getting shocked and angry too after to see me.

But I was handling the situation by saying that I have one mark behind my neck and some people says that I am a key of naagmani. Even I have a relationship with big haweli people. So that I called you. After this Yamini and Anky 2 were seeing my mark and brought me at home. But now we will take revenge from Yamini and all people easily when I am also living in the same house. Shivangi says that you have to stay alert all the time. Rudra says yes why not.

Naagin Season 2 10th December 2016 Written Update:

Here Shivangi is going in Anky and Yamini’s room just to take some information about them where Yamini and Anky are talking to each other about their money and fake industry. Yamini takes some money and says that I am going to hide this money as soon as possible. Otherwise, someone will come. You remember, how I snatched this money from Shivanya that time.

Shivangi heard this and goes to inform Rudra about this. She says that we have to break this back-bone of Yamini and that is Anky 2. Rudra says that you told this and I will do this. Shivangi says that you will do everything very carefully. Here Anky scolds Yamini by saying that I helped you out that time. So that you just give this money to me. Rudra is doing hard against Anky. Here Yamini is talking to someone else and says that all money is in my hands. So you don’t worry, I will bring the money now and gives it to you.

Even I know, Anky 2 is a mad man who will never get money from my hands. Anky hears it and then gets shocked too. After some time, Anky is coming and says to Yamini that I want money which you were keeping into your Almira. Yamini says that I already gave you the money then why are you asking for this money.  He says that I didn’t come to take money from you. She says that don’t you try to make me fool.

They both are doing fight with each other very badly. He catches Yamini’s hairs and says that I will give you the tomorrow’s night time to give the money to me  otherwise I will expose you in front of your fake family. Here Rudra and Shivangi are talking to each other about Anky 2 and Yamini. She says that I will kill Anky 2 tomorrow. So that,  tomorrow will be the last day. Suddenly, Rocky is coming there and gets shocked to see Shivangi with Rudra. He thinks that what is she doing with Rudra in a whole night.


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