Naagin Season 2 11th December 2016 Written Update Episode 20th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 11th December 2016 Written Update Episode 20th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Badi maa is calling everyone in the hall room where Yamini is coming there and says that I want to make a special announcement. Everybody is getting shocked. Yamini says that Alia and Rudra love each other a lot. So that they are now going to get engage with each other. All people are getting happy except Shivangi.

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All people are celebrating this. Shivangi thinks that Alia is innocent and I won’t let it happen that Rudra will take an advantage of it. Here Shesha says to Rocky that Rudra is such a different kind of boy. Rocky says I know very well. Shivangi thinks that she will have to meet Rudra as soon as possible. So that I will talk to him now.

Naagin Season 2 11th December 2016 Written Update Episode 20th:

Rocky hears everything and thinks that how Shivangi can do this. How will she do this? How she think this. He is getting hurt a lot. In the next day party, Alia’s sister is saying that here are two love couples Rocky bhaiya and Shivangi bhabhi, Alia and Rudra. So that, this party will be getting so romantic and lovely. After some time, Shesha asks Rocky how am I looking? He says you are looking beautiful as always.

Shesha says that yes as always alone. She hugs Rocky tightly and makes a call to snatch Rocky from Shivangi at any cost. Here Yamini says to Rudra that you will always hide your mark from everyone. After this, Yamini takes him another side. After some time, Rocky’s friend is coming there and asks who is groom? Rocky introduces Ishaan with Rudra. Ishaan says that I already saw you somewhere else.

After some time, Ishaan says to Rocky that I already saw this boy with Shivangi bhabhi in the cafe as I already told you that day. Rocky says let’s we have a drink. Shesha hears their conversation and thinks that god is doing great for me. He is already doing hard to bring Rocky near to me. Here some people are talking to Rudra and Shivangi here and there.

Shivangi thinks that today is your last day Anky 2. Here engagement is about to happen. Rocky thinks that I will have to stop this marriage now because it will be going to happen wrong. Rocky says that I will never let it happen? After some time, Rudra and Alia are exchanging ring with each other. They start to do dance with each other. Rudra and Shivangi are dancing together on the song ‘Bol Naa Maahi Bol Naa.’ Rocky is coming there and gets shocked to see them. Click here-> Naagin 2 10th December 2016 written update

Naagin Season 2 11th December 2016 Written Update:

After some time, Shivangi is coming back to her room where she gets Rocky. She gets shocked and thinks that what is he doing here? Rocky asks what happened? Why don’t you ready to see me here? He is asking her what are you doing with Rudra? Why were you going in Rudra’s room last night? What were you doing in the party? Shivangi is standing a silent there. They are getting in a big controversy with each other. He says that if you don’t have any affair with Rudra then see into my eyes and says that you love me. Shivangi doesn’t say anything. Rocky gets silent and then goes from there. Shesha is coming behind him and asks him what happened? He says that it’s a matter of husband and wife. So that you are no one who may interfere into this matter. Here Anky is coming into the room where he scolds Yamini that how dare you to say all this to me? How dare you to kill me? Yamini gets shocked and says that I didn’t plan anything like this. He says that you send you makkhi and snake behind me to kill me. She says no. Yamini brings a medicine there and applies on Anky’s injury. She can asks him what is your protection thing, which things protects you. He asks why are you asking all this to me? She says that I am asking normally. After some time, he says that let me tell you the truth if you are getting curious to know me. After some time, Anky 2 says to Yamini that we will go to the bhaironath’s cave. She says ok let we go there now. After some time, Rocky is coming there and gives some paper to Shivangi. She asks what is this? He says that, these are divorce papers on which I want your signatures. If you don’t love then why you got married to me. Shivangi gets shocked. After to come out, Rocky is changing his avatar and become Shesha. In real, Sheshe ia doing all this. Here Shivangi is going to meet Rudra by taking these papers. Shivangi says that Shesha was coming to give those papers to me because I saw a nail paint and then I came to know that that wasn’t Rocky.

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