Naagin Season 2 13th November 2016 Written Update Episode 12th- Colors Nagin 2 Twelfth Episode

Nagin Season 2 13th November 2016 Written Update Episode 12th- Colors Nagin 2 Twelfth Episode on

The Upcoming serial of Naagin 2 will show that Shivangi will make a plan to kill the killers of her mother Shivanya. She will kill one of the partner of Shesha aka Ruchika aka Adaa Khan. Here Rocky is seeing a number of dreams that how will he get Shivangi’s love and care. Even he will try hard to get her trust because she is in a trauma of her mother’s death.  Click here for Upcoming TV Serial News 2016.

Yamini, Shesha, and all other members of the plan who want to take naagmani. So that’s why they are buttering Shivangi because they knows very well that Shivangi will take naagmani easily from the Shiv Mandir. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight. Keep visiting here for more upcoming news, latest news, forthcoming news, and Naagin 2 written updates.

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Naagin Season 2 13th November 2016 Written Update Episode 12th:

After some time, Shivangi is changing her avatar and become Shesha’s avatar. She starts to do flirt with Amar and Manav. They are getting too much excited to get Shesha’s romance. Both are thinking that Shesha is with me. They doesn’t know that this is Shivangi not Shesha.

Shivangi in Shesha’s avatar is saying them to come in kali maa’s mandir. She says to Amar that I want to feel your company. Amar gets so happy and says that you can feel everything not my company. Amar is getting so happy and says to her that you don’t worry, I will meet you in Kali Maa mandir.

After some time, Amar is coming in a kali maa temple. There Shivangi is present in the mandir. Amar calls her Ruchika from behind. But when Shivangi takes a turn, he gets shocked by saying that why are you doing here? She takes Ruchika’s avatar. Amar says please don’t do this, don’t make a fun with me by changing your face.

Shivangi says that Ruchika is at home. I am Shivangi and I am coming here to kill you because you have killed my mother and this is my revenge. She takes Naagin’s avatar and then starts to kill Amar. She breaks Amar’s hand and he cries in a pain. Shivangi kills him finally. She says Khoon Ke Badle Khoon, Jaan Ke Badle Jaan, and all.

Shivangi says that you just tell me how you killed my mother. You, Avantika, Badi Maa, and all other people were killed my mother. I know everything and that’s why I will ruin your future now. She is about to kill Amar. She says to maa that I am going to kill one rakshash. After to kill him, she is coming back to the home. Here is a new entry and he is boy but he is also an Ichchadhari naag.

Naagin Season 2 13th November 2016 Written Update:

After some time, Shivangi is coming into her room where Rocky is coming. He asks when did you come here? She replies that I was coming here because my health was not good. Just to do a rest, I was coming here. Rocky says ok. He hugs her. She says I am feeling so odd just like I felt before my mother’s death. Rocky says you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright, you don’t worry.

Suddenly, Manav is coming there and informs Rocky about Amar’s death. He gets shocked. All people are coming in a hall room where Police brings Amar’s dead body. Where Police says to all that someone killed him, this is a murder not an accident. Therefore, they asks for Ruchika.

She is there and says I am Ruchika. Police officer says that he is having a last message for your side and you called him at Kali Mandir. Police arrest Ruchika and puts her behidn the bars. Here Avantika and Yamini are talking to each other about Amar’s death. Suddenly, Ruchika is coming there and she tells that how she came out from the jail by taking an officer avatar.

After some time, Ruchika is coming to talk to Rocky and asks him that do you trust me? Rocky says yes. Shivangi says that you have to find out who send a message to Amar by using your phone. She replies that yes I want to search everything. You don’t worry.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam Iam revathi remember me Rocky and shivangi love story is super Rocky loves truly shivangi but shivangi hates rocky because she thinks that rocky is also a partner with yamini .I really admired this love story it is really a different love story rocky truly cries for shivangi and he want is love back will shivangi realise rocky love is true for her.sanaya mam please answer for this question will shivangi come to no that rocky really don’t no about yamini ? and he loves her truly? Will shivangi feel rockys love ? Will she accept rocky ? Rocky rocks in naagin rocky and shivangi romance is awesome shivangi should accept rocky.
    Naagin break S the record this story is not only about sneak in this love his their and in this serial we audience come to no about god shiva we thanks the director for giving us a beautiful love story

  2. revathi

    Hi Sanaya mam naagin second part story is nice but rocky is very innocent he don’t no anything he loves shivangi deeply but why shivangi not understand that rocky is not the partner of a wife of rocky shivangi should find the truth and accept rocky and is love .in this serial their is another character is coming in side story that is OK but fall in love with shivangi is not fair because she his wife of rocky .if this is triangle love story it will not be nice to see .please respect the God because this is also about god shiva please don t spoil the serial let rudra be friend for shivangi that is right not to interfer in between rocky and shivangi S life please read this message and give your reply I am waiting for your reply
    Rocky is rocking in every scene

  3. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam had your dinner please give reply to our messages we fans request you .
    Sanaya mam in naagin season 1 shivanya comes to kill rithick and she will marry rithick after that she will find out the truth and she will feel rithicks love and she will accept rithick and one day rithick will come to no that shivanya is a sneak he will be broken than also he will realise shivanya love and accept her has is wife .
    Now in naagin 2 shivangi and rocky love each other and they both want to get marry in that yamini will play a game and kill shivanya .and she will say rocki that shivangi died .shivangi thinks that rocky cheated her and killed his mother but rocky don’t no anything about this all and he truly loved shivangi after marriage also he truly love her .shivangi should understand rockys true love and as a wife shivangi should find the truth that rocky is not a partner with yamini and should save rocky from yamini and ruchika .and in between rocky and shivangi third person is no need we this is a God shiva serial in this serial also you please don’t make triangle love story it will be rabish we pfans please request you .rocky and shivangi pair is nice to see on the screen and rocky love for shivangi and prove S in many ways shivangi should accept rocky .rocky and shivangi romance is nice .please give your reply to our comments and please respect the fans comments even we have work than also we spend some time for you please try to understand fans we our waiting for your reply

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