Naagin Season 2 14th January 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin season 2 14th January 2017 Written Update Episode 26th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Shivangi is on the bed with Rocky where she feels something special near to him. A song plays on,’Agar Tum Saath Ho To Phir Kya Baat Hai.’ Shivangi wears a night-dress instead of saree. She looks damn beautiful as usual.

She hugs Rocky from behind and thinks about their past moments which they people spend together. Maybe Shivangi will go close to Rocky and they will spend some romantic moments together because Shivangi came to know that Rocky is innocent and he didn’t kill her mother.

Naagin Season 2 14th January 2017 Written Update:

Read more-> Naagin 2 7th January 2017 written update. Next day, Rocky gets injured and then Shivangi gets scared to see his condition. As she knows very well that, Rocky is not a culprit. He is innocent. Shivangi cries a lot. Yamini and Ruchika are coming there. Yamini starts to do a drama just to fulfil her motive. She says to Shivangi to bring naagmani here because only naagmani will save his life. Shivangi understands her motive but she get ready to do this only for Rocky’s life.

Shivangi is coming in Shesh Naag Mandir which is present in Yamini’s haweli. Actually, Yamini told Shivangi to come here and takes naagmani from here. Finally, Shivangi is coming there and folded her hands in front of sheshnaag.  She says that I am coming here to save my husband’s life, I know I am an ichchadhari naagin and my duty is to protect naagmanin. But today I want this naagmani just to save my husband’s life.

She prays to Shesh naag to please give this naagmani to me only for today and whenever my husband’s life will get saved, I will return this naagmani here. Finally, she takes naagmani from there. Suddenly, Rudra is coming there and says her that if you will take this naagmani then, Yamini and her team will snatch this naagmani from you. Then, how will you return this naagmani here.

Shivangi says that you will help me out from this situation. Rudra asks how? Shivangi says that you will handle Yamini and all other people. On the other side, I will bring Rocky’s life back. Will you help me? Rudra replies to Shivangi that I can do anything for you. Here Yamini, Anky 2, and Shesha are waiting for Shivangi and naagmani. Yamini says that maybe she was falling down there after to see a number of snakes. Shesha says that, she is having a suryavanshi mark on her body. So that, a snake doesn’t touch her.

Naagin 2 14th January 2017 Written Update Episode:

Here Rudra is coming in front of Yamini, Shesha, and Anky 2. All people are getting shocked to see him. Yamini says to Shesha to kill this snake. Shesha starts to do fight with the snake. Here Shivangi is giving a treatment to Rocky by putting naagmani on Rocky’s head. After some time, Rocky’s health is getting alright. Yamini and Shesha are coming there. Yamini says wow, Rocky is alright now. Yamini says to Shivangi that it’s good that Rocky is ok now. So nowyou just take care of Rocky and give this naagmani to me., Shivangi gets shocked and thinks that she won’t give this nagamani to Yamini at any cost. She thinks where is Rudra? Why is he not coming here? Yamini takes that naagmani and Shivangi’s get shattered. After this, Rocky opens her eyes. Shivangi gets emotional to see him.

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