Naagin Season 2 15th January 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin season 2 15th January 2017 Written Update Episode 26th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The TV serial Naagin Season 2 shows that Mouni Roy aka Shivangi is in a dilemma or pain whether she love Rocky or not as she already fell in love with him. But still, she is confused to think about him. Right now she is keen to seek revenge from all the killers of her mother only. But when Yamini asks Rocky to go for the meeting on her behalf then Shivangi suspects that Yamini planned something against to him.

Naagin 2 15th January 2017 written update

But when he goes to the meeting. Rocky gets injured in an accident very badly. His condition is getting critical. Yamini says to Shivangi just to bring Naagmani here. Due to which, you will save him. Shivangi understands easily that what Yamini wants from her. But she has to do this only to saveRocky’ss life as she falls in love with him.

After some time, the Mouni Roy aka Shivangi tries to go close with Rocky in the midnight whereas Rocky see this and he scolds Shivangi and asked her that he will be saving his Raheja family as well bring out the truth in front of all people of his life as soon as possible. Shivangi gets shocked very badly.

Therefore, Shivangi asked Rocky that she loves him very much but unfortunately she can’t even accept this truth anymore. Rocky left that place without to answer anything to Shivangi. Next day in the morning, Avantika and Shesha take other avatar just to spy in the house and then get an entry to the Anky 2’s room. They tried to kill him but Anky 2 is so smart and he said that he is also behind the naagmani. So that he won’t let him kill by someone.

Naagin Season 2 15th January 2017 Written Update:

Shivangi thinks that the Raheja family sends Rocky outside the home in a hurry and so that, someone is planning hard against him and someone will attack Rocky outside the home where I won’t save his life if I am sitting here to thinks about him like this. But here she is unable to leave the Raheja mansion because of all family members who are just around her. She asked Rudra to save Rocky. But when Rudra will go to save him, he already met with an accident.

Naagin 2 15th January 2017 Written Update Episode:

After an accident, Shivangi aka Mouni Roy gets disheartens vvery badly to see Rocky’s critical stage and he thinks to save him by using Naagmani. But somewhere Yamini and Shesha think to snatch the Naag Maani from her. But there was another snake and that is Rudra who tries to save the Naag Mani at any cost. But Rudra’s snake gets defeated in front of Shesha in the fight and doesn’t save naagmani from them.

But somehow Mouni Roy aka Shivangi gives the Naag Maani to Rudra in the jungle for its safety but Rocky follow her and went in the jungle behind her. But Rocky thinks that Shivangi is having affair with Rudra which irked him very badly. Read more-> Nagin 21st January 2017 written update

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