Naagin Season 2 17th December 2016 Written Update Episode 21st- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 17th December 2016 Written Update Episode 21st- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene Rocky is coming to talk to Yamini and says that I want to talk to you about Rudra. Yamini says that stop saying all this to me. After that, Yamini and Shesha are talking to each other about their home where Yamini says to Shesha that there is one more snake in this house. Shesha gets shocked to hear this. Shesha asks how do you know about this. Yamini explains an incident to Shesha that how was someone trying to kill Anky 2 last night. Someone was taking my avatar and brought Anky outside the home. Here Shivanya is the car with Rocky and suddenly, she feels the presence of Garud. She thinks that what Garud is doing here. She is getting scared and thinks what will she do? Here Kapalika is doing black magic on Snake who was coming in Anky 2 room. Here Shivangi thinks that if Rocky will see her in Naagin avatar then what will she do? If Rocky will see her like then everything will be getting ruined. Suddenly, the Rocky’s car stop working. He says that we have to stop here for some time and let me check this car. Rocky is going out of the car and then Shivangi says that now nobody stops me. After that, Shivangi is coming in Kapalika’s den where all people are waiting for her. So that a snake is coming there. Kapalika says the snake to come in her real face. Shivangi comes into her snake form and the turn into Shivangi. Yamini and Shesha aka Ruchika aka Adaa Khan will be getting shocked to see Shivangi in Ichchadhari naagin. Click here-> Naagin 2 11th December 2016 written update. Shesha makes a bad comment on Yamini by saying that you are doing wrong with me, now see your daughter-in-law also a naagin.  Suddenly, Shivangi is taking an avatar of Yamini and says I am naagin. Then, she changes her avatar from Yamini to Anky 2, then Shesha and much more.

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Naagin Season 2 17th December 2016 Written Update Episode 21st:

At last, Shivangi says that this is not my real face. I am so powerful snake and nobody controls me. Yamini says to Kapalika that what is this? You just look her and brings her into the real form. Here Rudra feels that Shivangi is in trouble definitely. He thinks what will he do to save Shivangi from those bad people. Here Kapalika says to Shivangi to show your real face now. Shivangi replies that I won’t show my real face and I am coming here just to take revenge from you people. Yamini and all other people are getting shocked. Shesha takes snake avatar and catches Shivangi’s neck in her mouth. But then Shivangi takes naagin avatar and then starts to do fight with Shesha. After a big fight, Shivangi is running away from there. Shesha gets shocked to see her powers and gets shocked when she ran away. She says where is she? Yamini says what? You didn’t defeat her. She was running away from here by defeating you like this.

Here Rudra decides to go to find out Shivangi and helps her out. Suddenly, Shivangi is coming there in the temple. Rudra says that I was trying to find out what Anky 2 is wearing? Suddenly, air is going on very fast. So that I feels like you are in the trouble. So that I am coming to save you. Shivangi tells everything to Rudra that they came to know about my reality that I am a naagin. But I was trying to put them into the doubt but only Bholenath knows about this, whether they trapped into my plan or not? Rudra says that they never trust. So that they will try to know about your reality, you have to stay careful and save yourself. Shivangi says ok. Here Yamini, Anky 2, Shesha, and all other people are talking to each other. Yamini is not ready to beleive that Shivangi is a naagin. But Shesha says that Shivangi is a naagin and I will cut her. Yamini says not to her.

Naagin Season 2 17th December 2016 Written Update:

Here Shivangi is falling down and Rudra asks what happened? She shows her hand where Rudra finds out that Shesha cut her and the poison is going inside Shivangi. He gets scared and asks was Shesha cutting you? She says yes. Suddenly, Gurudev is coming there and then asks what happened? Rudra tells everything to him and says that we have to save her lfie at any cost. She will have to take revenge for her mother’s death. Even she have to live, she never get die. Gurudev says that Shesha is 108 years old naagin and her poison is so strong. If we won’t bring poison outside from Shivangi then she will die. So we have to bring poison out from her body. Gurudev says to Rudra that you are also 100 years old naag, so you have to suck the poison from Shivangi’s body. Due to which  will save her life. Rudra starts to suck the poison from her body. After some time, Shivangi is getting alright and she is coming in her good condition. Rudra says that you have to go home now. Shivangi says that how am I going back to the home by leaving you here like this. Rudra says that it’s ok Gurudev will help me and you will go to the home because all people are searching you in the home. Shivang says ok. Here Yamini says to Shesha that you just find out Shivangi’s truth that she is naagin or not? If you will find out that she is naagin then I will openly say you to kill her. She thinks that I alrady have a key of naagmani if Shivangi will get die then I don’t have any problem. Yamini says her to go from here and do your work. Shesha is going from there. After her, Yamini says to Kapalika that you have to tell me that how will we kill that naag or naagin which was coming here before some time.

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