Naagin Season 2 19th November 2016 Written Update Episode 13th- Colors Nagin 2 Thirteenth Episode

Nagin Season 2 19th November 2016 Written Update Episode 13th- Colors Nagin 2 Thirteenth Episode on

The Upcoming serial of Naagin 2 will show that Shivangi is going to Yamini’s room just to get any clue. Yes, she wanted to know the relation which is in between Yamini and Shivanya. She is checking out all Almira’s and all. Finally, she gets a photograph of Rithik and Shivanya. She gets emotional. Suddenly, Yamini comes there and asks her what is she doing here. Shivangi gets silent and thinks that why will she reply?

Shivangi says that I was coming here to get marriage Album, But I am sorry that I was coming inside your room. Yamini says ok you don’t worry. Suddenly, Yamini’s sees a photo of Ritik and Shivanya in Shivangi’s hand. Yamini says that let me tell you how this picture is coming here. Actually, when goons were coming there then I get this picture from you almirah. So I took it to give it to you. Shivangi says ok.

After some time, Shivangi is coming to talk to Advocate Srivastva. She asks him who are you? If you will not tell me then I will cut you and then you will not get up because I am a snake. He takes his snake’s avatar and says that I am coming here to take revenge just like you. So it’s better if we will join hands. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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Naagin Season 2 19th November 2016 Written Update Episode 12th:

Shivangi asks him that why are you coming here? He says that I am coming here to take a revenge of my wives death. He tells everything to Shivangi about his wife death that how Mr. Amar killed his wife by a car accident and then hr ran away from there. So that I was coming here to kill him. But I saw you during to kill Amar. That time, I came to know that you and me are thinking one thing. So they can join their hand for taking this revenge.

Shivanya says ok, I want to take revenge for my parent death and you want to take a revenge for your wife death. Naag is coming downstairs and sees Yamini there. He thinks, how he stay here. He does a magic and rain starts. Yamini says to him to stay here for tonight. No problem. Here Shivangi decides to take a revenge from Rocky today. She takes snake avatar and goes near to him. But she doesn’t kill him and comes back into a normal avatar. A songs plays on, “aati hai saans me saans, jab tum hote ho, main jeeti hu jab tum hote ho, mera hasna pagal jsa, mera rona pagal jsa, sab lgta hai mujhe khaas.”

Naagin Season 2 19th November 2016 Written:

In the night, Ichchadhari Naag, Avantika, and Shesha are enjoying drinks together. Suddenly, Ichchadhari naag is doing flirt with Shesha. But Shesha is feeling some odd touch. Here Yamini gets a  call from the company and then informs Yamini that our advocate is not coming today because his health was getting bad. So that he will some tomorrow. Yamini gets shocked by thinking that if advocate was not coming here then who is this guy? She tells to Shesha and Avantika to find out who is he? Here Rudr is running away from the home.  Yamini makes a call to Police officer and makes a complaint against Rudr.

Here Shivangi decides to inform Rudr about this. She asks Yamini that shall I go to the temple. Yamini says you have to take a car for this. Shivangi says ok to her. She is going to meet Rudr and informs him about the Yamini’s thinking about him. He replies you don’t worry, I will look after this. Shivangi is coming back to the home and starts to make a cake. Rocky comes there and then asks her why are you making this? She replies that everybody forgot but I know tomorrow is Badi maa’s birthday. So we have to celebrate it. Rocky says yes and you are such a good wife. He hugs her. Shivangi says, shall we go outside to celebrate this birthday.

Rocky asks where? She indicates Panchneer Haweli. He says ok, we will go there. Shivangi gets happy. Therefore, all people celebrates Yamini’s birthday. All are looking so happy and excited. After this, Rocky says to all that we are going outside and it’s surprise. All are going to the Panchneer Haweli. Yamini, Avantika, and Shesha are getting shocked to see this.

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