Naagin Season 2 20th November 2016 Written Update Episode 14th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 20th November 2016 Written Update Episode 14th- Colors Nagin-2 20 Nov 2016 Show on

The Upcoming serial of Naagin 2 will show that Avantika is coming to the shesh naag room where Shivangi is planning a death for her. Here Avantika is getting shocked to see that, book is not available here. She thinks why Yamini sends me here. Shivangi is also present there. Avantika feels someone’s presense and then she shouts who is here?

Shivangi is there and she is about to kill Avantika. But Shesha is just outside the room and hears Avantika’s sound. She thinks Makkhi is in danger and she have to save her life. Shesha is going inside there. Shivangi hides herself and then thinks, if Avantika save now, but I will not leave her any more. Shesha takes Avantika outside and says that where were you coming here, as you already know, you power are not working in shesh naag’s room.

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Here Avantika, Yamini, Shesha, and all other members are coming into the temple. Yamini says to all that, the tory began with this place and this temple. Actually, I killed Shivanya’s parents here and the story started from that moment. Shivanya was their daughter and she saw all the faces of killers. So that she got married to Rithik to take her revenge.

Similarly here we killed Shivanya and she also captured our faces in her eyes because she was ichchadhari naagin. Here we are total eight who killed Shivanya. But now only 7 left, the story again begins because someone was coming into our home. Who is this? Avantika says she is Shivangi. Shesha says no. Shivanya became a normal human being then how she gave a birth to Ichcha Dhari naagin.

Naagin Season 2 20th November 2016 Written Update Episode 14th:

Rudra and Shivangi are talking to each other about their revenge. Shivangi says that Avantika was in front of my eyes and I was getting failed in killing her. So that, Shivangi aka Mouni Roy is getting angry a lot. She says to Rudra that I won’t waste any more time here because I am getting curious to take revenge of my mother’s death. Rudra says her to calm down dear. Shivangi replies she can’t understand this. Rocky comes there and hears their conversation too.

Rocky is coming inside. He asks her what are you doing here? With whom you are talking now? Shivangi says that I heard that people become a star after death. So that I am talking to the stars by assuming that star as my mother. Rocky says the most shining star of the sky is your mother. Shivangi smiles. He says your mother is getting so happy to see you happy here.

Here all the family members are getting busy in Yamini’s birthday celebration preparations. Finally, they arrange a grand party for her. Yamini is looking so happy. But she is going to meet her poojaran friend. She gives one scorpion to her  and says that to leave this scorpion in the party. He will cut only ichchadhari naagin. Let see what will happen next.

Here Yamini is getting ready for the party and she is coming there. Rocky and Shivangi are also coming there. Rocky is going to meet Badi maa. She is having a badam shake. Rocky says wao, how do you that I want to drink a badam milk. She says it’s ok but this drink is only for Shesha. He says ok. Yamini says ok let me go there to give this drink. He says ok. After this, Rocky and Shivanya dance together on the song ‘Boldo na Zara Dil me Jo Hai Chipa.’

Here a biccho is roaming in the party and he will cut only naagin. Shesha thinks that she will see Shivangi’s real avatar and then I will cut her. After some time, Bichho is coming near to Shivangi but he cuts Shesha instead of Shivangi. All people are getting shocked. Shesha is falling down and then cries in a pain. Shivangi comes to know that Rudra saved her from the Biccho. She says thankyou uo Rudra. He says everything that how he made this plan and he came to know about this plan.

Naagin Season 2 20th November 2016 Written Update:

Shivangi says that danger is not getting finish, we have to get alert every time. He says to Shivangi that you don’t worry. Till then, I am alive, I will not let anything happen wrong with you. She says ok. Here Yamini is getting angry and shouts very badly. She asks her poojaran friend that how it happened? How Bichhoo cut her? Poojaran says that if she drink that water then how biccho cut her. After some time, she says that Shesha didn’t drink that water. Yamini scolds her very badly and says that I am getting so much curious to know that how it happened? Kapalika says that you don’t worry, I have another plan. Today is pooranmaasi’s night and if a moon light will fall completely on the naagin then nobody stops them to become a naag.

After some time, all people are coming there and then asks Yamini about Shesha. She says that Shesha is alright and now we can our party again. Yamini thinks that she will not leave Shivangi. Rocky and Shivangi are performing romantic dance together on the song,’Chutiya Na Chutiya Mose.’ They both are looking so cute and romantic together. A very lovely dance is going on. Rocky and Shivangi meets their eyes.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam this week episode was very nice specially rocky proves his love to shivangi but she is not understanding Rocky’s true love .a true love can feel and we can see in their eyes only will shivangi feel Rocky’s love and realise that rocky love her truly .rocky and shivangi romance and dance was excellent .rocky and shivangi pair is cute .
    Shivangi is Rocky’s wife and rocky is very innocent and he don’t know anything about yamini he only believes every thing what yamini says will shivangi save rocky and will she feel rockys love for her .and accept him
    Rocky rocks in naagin 2 excellent .
    Rocky and shivangi romantic dance and eye look was very excellent performance .
    Please give reply for fans comments

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