Naagin Season 2 21st January 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 21st January 2017 Written Update Episode- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Mahesh comes at Yamini’s home as Shesha’s boyfriend. Yamini and Avantika are worried for Anky 2. They are in doubt whether Anky2 run away with naagmani or not? Whether he is alright or not? But when Mahesh comes to know about their tension. He shows naagmani and says that one icchadhari naagin killed Anky 2 last night.

Mahesh decides to confront Shivangi just to make her realize that she is icchadhari naagin and he knew about her. Even he knows that Shivangi killed Anky 2. Suddenly, Rocky and Shivangi are also coming there. Rocky asks who is he? Yamini says that he is Ruchika’s boyfriend. Rocky and Shivangi are getting shocked to see this. Mahesh asks Ruchika, shall I live here with you for some days.

Ruchika gets shocked but she doesn’t say any word. Yamini says wow, I made a guest house here and there are so many rooms in my house. So you will please stay here for some days. Mahesh smiles and hugs Ruchika by saying that I love you so much. Yamini introduces Mahesh as near family friend. Rocky meets him and says that I am shocked that Ruchika didn’t share with me about her affair.

Naagin Season 2 21st January 2017 Written Update:

After this, Mahesh meets Shivangi but he gets a shock. He feels something strange after to meet Shivangi. Later Yamini says that we are going back to Bombay right now. A Bombay to Panchneer. Mahesh asks where will I go? Yamini says you also come with us. After this, she goes into her room to pack her bags. Ruchika is also going behind her. They are talking to each other about Yamini’s adorable saree.

Rocky is taking drinks on the terrace. Shivangi is going there to bring him downstairs. But Rocky is not ready to come with her. She forced him to come with her but he is trying to romance her. A song plays on,”Kase Bataye Kase Jataye Subah Tak Tujhme Jeena Chahe, Gile Hotho ki Gili Hasi ko.” Suddenly, a rain starts and then Shivangi brings Rocky inside the room.

But he is getting wet in the rain. Shivangi is using a towel on his hairs. She gets romantic to see him. A song plays on behind the background. “Shivangi Kitna Mai Tujhko Chahti Hun Har Pal.” But when Shivangi is about to confess her love, suddenly a window gets open. Shivangi sees towards the window and gets Rudra there. She comes there and says to Rudra that I will talk to you tomorrow. She closes the window and then sits with Rocky. Rudra sees her and gets jealous. Maybe he starts to love Shivangi.

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Mahesh sees Rudra and thinks that what is he doing here? He gets shocked to see Rudra alive. Yamini asks who will go to snatch Naag mani from Mahesh. Ruchika says I won’t go there. Yamini is pulling her leg by calling her old snake. Now Yamini points Avantika to go there. She replies that I am Maheshmati’s Queen and that’s why I don’t go anywhere for such type of cheap work. Now Avantika and Shesha are saying to Yamini for doing this work.

But Yamini denies to go there by saying that I am old aged and if I will go there then I won’t impress him. At last, Shesha is getting ready to go there. Yamini says her that you just go there, seduce him, and snatch that Naag mani from him. Shesha is coming in Mahesh’s room and starts to impress him. But he says you will never get Naagmani from me because I already know about your plan. Shesha gets shocked.

She says that I have one plan for you. Mahesh asks what? Shesha says that I will help you in taking Anky 2 death revenge but you will help me in getting my love Rocky back into my life. Mahesh says ok. He kisses Shesha’s hand and then Shesha goes from there. Later, Mahesh thinks that I didn’t come here to take Anky 2 death revenge even I am coming here to take revenge from snake who stole my horn and broke it.

Naagin Season 2 21st January 2017 Written Update:

After some time, Rudra and Shivangi are talking to each other about naagmani. Rudra is making a bad comment on her by saying that you forget everything. Shivangi asks what? Rudra says I thought you forgot naagmani. Shivangi replies that how can I forgot this, I am tensed to think about Mahesh because he is such a clever man even though I felt he is not a normal human being. Rudra says her to take Shesha’s avatar and then finds out that Mahesh is having a naagmani or not?

Finally, Shivangi takes Shesha’s avatar and starts to romance him. But Mahesh is so clever and he comes to know about her real identity of naagin that she is not Shesha. He catches her neck and says her to come in her real avatar. Finally, she takes her real avatar. Mahesh gets shocked to see Shivangi like this. He says to her that I will inform everyone about your real identity. Shivangi gets shocked. Rudra and Shivangi are going behind Mahesh. But when Mahesh reaches Rocky’s room and says that you are so lucky to have Shivangi as your wife. She is so great, beautiful, and a gem who makes your life very beautiful.

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