Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Written Update Episode 6th- Colors Nagin 2 Sixth Episode

Nagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Written Update Episode 6th- Colors Nagin 2 Sixth Episode on

The Colors TV Naagin 2 continues with the scene in which Shesha decides to kill Shivangi. She is going to her room where she is getting ready in a bridal attire. She reminisces about Ritik and Shivanya. Shesha think that Shivanya snatched Ritik from me. But now I am not letting the Shivangi snatch my Rocky from me.  Shesha takes another lady avatar and goes in Shivangi’s room. She says to her that I am Rocky’s favorite aunty and I am coming here to see you.

Shivangi says to her that I am trying to arrange my dupatta. Shesha says to Shivangi that let me help you. She is trying to harm Shivangi. Suddenly, Shivanya is coming there and calls Shivangi. She says to her that all people are waiting for you, so you please come outside. Here Rocky is desperately waiting for his would be wife.

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Here Shivangi is coming outside. Rocky is getting mesmerized to see her in a bridal attire. He looks at her continuously. Shivangi remove her dupatta from her face for some time and then looks towards Rocky. Both are having a romantic eye lock. Shivangi gets shy and covers her face again. Shivanya brings her in a mandap. Shivanya feels a presense of Ichchadhari Naagin near to Shivangi. She feels that something is not right here.

Shivanya says to all, I forgot one ritual. So that we have to go back and will come soon. Some people are trying to stop Shivanya but she doesn’t hear anyone. She tells to all that, Shivangi must have to take Shiv ji’s name 501 times before the marriage. A boy comes there and then says to Rocky that Avni is calling you. Rocky says here is my marriage and why is she calling me there.

Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Written Update Episode 6th:

Here someone is coming in Rocky’s room, he/she hits on Rocky’s head and he is getting faint. Shesha and Mahesmati are talking to each other about Shivanya and Shivangi. Suddenly, Yamini is coming there and says to them to take a step because now we are ready to play khoon ki holi from now onwards. All people are getting happy. Yamini, Mahesmati, and Shesha are coming in a marriage hall area. They start to shoot all the people. They are trying to finish everything.  Click here-> Naagin Season 2 22nd October 2016 Written Update. Yamini says to Shesha and Mahesmati that she want to delay this marriage because she comes to know the truth of 25 years age.

Therefore, Mahesmati says to Avantika to kill all people except Shivangi. Avantika gets ready for this. Here Shivanya says to Shivangi that you may not come out from this room. Shivangi asks why maa? Shivanya replies to her that I am saying, that’s why you will come out from the room. Whether all people will call you, but you will noy go outside. Shivangi says ok to her.

Avantika and Maheshmati started their work. They starts to kill all people in a marriage hall area. All people are getting shocked and starts to run here there. Here Shivangi’s brother is trying to handle everything. But nobody is hearing anything. Here Yamini is coming to kill Gautami and Sapna who are trying to save Shivangi’s life. But Yamini kills them.

After some time, Shivanya is coming in a marriage hall area where she gets so many dead bodies. Some people catches Gautami’s parents. They shouts very badly and says to Shivanya to run away from here. Suddenly, Shesha is coming there. Shivanya gets shocked. Yamini is coming her behind. Shivanya gets shocked again and she asks how? Yamini laughs and says what happened?

Yamini says I want to see this colour of your face. Yamini orders Amar to settle all the dead bodies as soon as possible. After this, she says to Shivanya that you are my daughter-in-law because Ritik was my son. But now this Rocky is my grand son. There are so many connections of us. What I call you my daughter-in-law.

Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016 Written Update:

After this, Shesha, Mahesmati, Yamini, and Avantika are killing Shivanya. She is making a lot of request to Shesha to just leave her because we are sisters. Please don’t kill me. Leave me. After to kill Shivanya, Yamini asks for the key who will bring naagmani for us. Yamini, Shivanya, Avantika, and all other people are coming outside Shivangi’s room. They are calling Shivangi. After some time, they brings Shivangi in a hall room where she sees so many dead bodies including Shivanya. She is getting break down and starts to cry. Yamini says to her that we loves you a lot. So you just relax.

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