Naagin Season 2 25th December 2016 Written Update Episode 24th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Naagin Season 2 25th December 2016 Written Update Episode 24th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Shivangi thinks that if all family members will come to know about me then how will I handle the situation. After this, Shivangi takes a snake avatar and goes from there. Here Yamini are Anky 2 are coming to talk to Kapalika about the naagmani. They are coming to know that Rudra is inside the horn of half man half buffalo. All people are getting shocked. Suddenly, Kapalika feels that someone is coming inside her den without her permission. She is going outside to check who is trying to come inside? She comes to know that Avantika and Shesha are coming there. They all are talking to each other about Rudra and Naagmani. Kapalika says that wee have to do one pooja to bring Rudra here. She says that there are two ways, first one is to break a horn and then brings Rudra here. The second one option is to do a Shiv Strotram Pooja and due to which we will come to know about the location of naagmani. Anky says that if you want to bring a naagmani here then we will break the horn of Maheesh Guru. They all are coming back to the home. Here Shesha is coming in Rocky’s room where he is waiting for Shivangi because she is not at home this time.

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Naagin Season 2 25th December 2016 Written Update Episode 24th:

Shesha is coming inside and then asks what are you doing here? Rocky asks you tell me what are you doing here this time? Shesha asks where is Shivangi? He says that why are you asking about Shivangi every time. All people are coming in the hall room where all people are coming together. All people asks what are we doing here? Yamini is waiting for Rocky and Shivangi. After some time, they are coming there. Rocky says that I want to talk to you something urgent badi maa. Yamini says that I want to say something first and then I will hear you. Yamini says that tomorrow is Karwa Chauth’s fast and this is Shivangi’s first karwa chauth. So I want to her to keep this fast and I will organize the karwa chauth pooja at old Shiv temple for her. So that we will do this pooja by Shivangi’s hand. Shivangi says that I am ready to keep this fast. So you don’t worry. Rocky is trying to say something to her. But Yamini ignores her. Shivangi is coming inside the room where Rocky is bursting out on her very badly. Shivangi thinks that she doesn’t get Rudra yet. So that she won’t go outside from this home. After this, Shivangi and Rudra are getting into a bad controversy. Shivangi says that I didn’t do wrong with Rudra. Even I don’t have any relationship with him. But you are trying to blame me very badly. But I can’t bear any wrong blame. A song plays on,’Kise Puchu, Kise Kahu.’ Shivangi and Rocky are getting emotional very badly. Here Maheesh Guru kept his horns inside the box and says that Rudra won’t go outside from here anymore. Here Shivangi and Rocky are sleeping. But Shivangi is thinking about Rudra that where is he? She thinks Rocky is sleeping and now I am going outside. Shivangi is going outside to find out Rudra. Suddenly, Rocky gets up and see her when she is going outside. He decides that he will follow Shivangi today and finds out the truth at any cost. Here Shivangi is coming to the Shiv mandir and then tells to Gurudev about the missing news of Rudra. He says to Shivangi to say Shivji’s name again and again, if he will get happy then you will see Rudra’s face here inside the water. She is taking Shivji’s name and then sees a little image of Rudra. Gurudev says that Rudra is in the horn of buffalo. Shivangi thinks how will she find out him. She asks Gurudev that how will I find out him? He says I have one solution. You don’t worry. Here Shivangi is talking to Gurudev about Rudra. Rocky is coming there and then gets Shivangi at the Shiv Temple. He thinks what is she doing at Shiv Temple. Shivangi gets Rocky there. She gets shocked. Gurudev says to Rocky that you are Shivangi’s husband, so you just come inside and have a charnamarit. Rocky says to Shivangi that I am sorry, I followed you. Shivangi says that my mother was coming here every time. So that I am coming here always. Gurudev says that I told Shivangi to bring your husband with you but today you are coming here, it’s good.

Naagin Season 2 25th December 2016 Written Update Episode:

Here in the morning, Shivangi get wake up in the morning 4 am. But she doesn’t get Rocky in the room. She is trying to find out him but she doesn’t get him in the bathroom. She thinks that it’s a right time to go and find out the Rudra. She is about to become a snake. Suddenly, Rocky is coming there by taking some food for Shivangi. He says to her to eat this food as sargi. Yamini comes there and she pulls Rocky’s leg by saying that you are taking care of your wife like this. Wow. Rocky is feeling shy. After some time, Shivangi and Rocky are going somewhere in the car where Rocky’s car stops working suddenly. He says that let me check this car. They are coming outside from the car and then a disaster is coming. Rocky is going inside and then Shivangi is leaving outside. Rocky gets scared and says her to come inside but windows are not getting open. Rocky says her to go from here now. Shivangi is looking tensed and then she runs away from there. After this, Shivangi is getting mixed in the bad disaster air. Rocky is screaming a lot and then thinks where is Shivangi? He shouts very badly. Here Yamini and all other people are waiting badly for the Rocky and Shivangi in the temple. Here Yamini says to Sushant to call Rocky and asks him to make a call to Rocky to ask where are they? Sushant says that, there phone is getting out of coverage area. Yamini gets tensed to think that where are they going now? Here Shivangi is going to search out Rudra according to her plan. Shivangi is recalling all the words which were said by Gurudev to her that the way to save Rudra is so difficult and you will face a death in every second.

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