Naagin Season 2 26th November 2016 Written Update Episode 15th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Nagin Season 2 26th November 2016 Written Update Episode 15th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Colors Channel most demanding reality show Naagin 2 26th November 2016 written will bring that moon light will be falling on the Shivangi when she will dance with Rocky. Yamini, Mahesmati, and all other their group members will be waiting to see Shivangi naagin avatar. But when Shivangi feels that her body starts turning into a naagin avatar. Here Rudra will look at her. He understands what is going on?

He will be running towards the window and close that window from where the moonlight is coming inside. Yamini and all her group members will see Rudra during to doing this. Yamini asks who is this ichchadhari naag and why is he coming here? Rudra will see them and he will run away from the house. Yamini and all people are getting shocked to see Rudra there when he will confess that he is an ichchadhari naag and coming here to take revenge from her.

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After some time, Shivangi is going to meet Rudra and comes to know that Yamini and all other people knew his reality that he is ichchadhari naag. Shivangi says that then what will we do? He says it’s good that they came to know about me. It’s good for them and good for me too. Shivangi is coming back to the home.

Naagin Season 2 26th November 2016 Written Update Episode 15th:

Gautami is coming there and meets Shivangi at Yamini’s home. Shivangi gets so happy to see Gautami there. She asks how were you coming here? Gautami says that I came to know that you were here, so that I am coming here to meet you. Shivangi catches her hand and goes out from the home. Shivangi shows her naagin avatar to Gautami and then she gets scared to see this.

Avantika is sitting in the car and asks her servant why were you getting late? He replies that I as packing my bags. After some time, he is coming into the car and says to Avantika that there will a hill of honey. If you want to see that hill then I will carry you there. Avantika says why not? He gets so happy because he is no her servant, he is Rudra. He is coming here to kill Avantika as he planned with Shivangi.

According to their plan, Rudra takes Avantika there. Here Shivangi and Rocky are in the car and get stuck before to reaches Mumbai. Rudra sends a message to Shivangi that we are about to reach honey hill, you will come soon. Shivangi thinks that I am also coming there soon. Suddenly, Rocky leaves the road and takes another shortcut way. But this is Rocky’s plan to spend all night with Shivangi.

But here Shivangi is getting tensed to think that if Rudra reaches there before her then how will he handle the situation. Suddenly, there is getting stuck in between the way and Rocky brings Shivangi in the nearby cottage. She is thinking about Rudra and here Rocky is getting romantic here. Suddenly, Rocky makes an environment of romance and forgets Rudra behind. But then she remembers  Rudra again.

Naagin Season 2 26th November 2016 Written Update:

Here Rudra and Avantika are reaching there. He says to Avantika to taste the honey as fast as possible. But when Avantika becomes Makkhi and then starts to attack  Rudra because she comes to know that he is not a Maheshmati. So that she doubts him very badly. Suddenly, the Yamini and Shesha are also coming there. Yamini introduces herself that I am so shocked to see this.

Shesha takes a naagin avatar and then starts to do fight with Rudra. Here Shivangi thinks that Rudra is in danger, so she is going to save him. Here Yamini and is enjoying the fighting of Rudra, Avantika, and Shesha. She laughs a lot. Atlast Shesha and Avantika put Rudra inside the honey hill.

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