Naagin Season 2 27th November 2016 Written Update Episode 16th- Colors Nagin 2 Show

Nagin Season 2 27th November 2016 Written Update Episode 16th- Colors Nagin 2 Show on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Avantika is about to die. Rudra is coming out from the honey hill and then becomes snake avatar. He throws a fire bomb on Yamini, Shesha, and Vikram. Finally, he takes Yamini in his tail and throws here down from the hill. Shesha takes Yamini in between and saves her life. Yamini gets so happy and then asks where is that naag? He is so powerful and that’s why he is running away from here.

Suddenly, the Yamini is creating a drama and then starts to cry a lot. She says Avantika is getting die. Suddenly, the Avantika is getting up and says that I was not getting die and now I am alive. Even I am Mahesmati’s queen and I know very well that when will I die? Nobody will kill me. Yamini says ok and then goes in the jungle to find out that naag.

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Here Rocky is calling Shivangi again and again. But she is not replying. He is going inside to find out her but he doesn’t get her in the room. Rocky is getting tensed too. Suddenly, Shivangi is coming there and makes an excuse too. Rocky says ok. She says to Rocky that I got badi maa’s ¬†phone, they are waiting for us on the dining table.

Nagin Season 2 27th November 2016 Written Update Episode 16th:

Here Shesha, Yamini, and Avantika are getting Rudra’s blood and they are going to meet Guruma to check out the blood and they want to see the face of that naag too. Here Shivangi and Rudra are talking to each other about Yamini. They are coming to know that Yamini and all other people are checking out their blood. Shivangi gets shocked to hear this.

Rudra says that they will never see my this faces because my earlier face will come in front of them when I had a big beard and mustache. Even though, I had a big hairs too. Shivangi get¬†relax and applies a poison on Rudra’s injury. She says that, this poison will work as a medicine on your injury. Here Shivangi is thinking about her mother. She is getting emotional. Rocky comes there and then makes her mood good. Here Shivangi is looking so beautiful in a yellow saree.

Suddenly, Shivangi’s saree catches fire. Rocky gets shocked. He is going there and trying to save Shivangi. Due to which his hand is getting burned. She gets emotional after to see his injury and then apply a medicine on his hand. After this, Rocky says her to get sleep because tomorrow will an ekadashi fast. So you will get up and keep fast for the day for my big life.

Nagin Season 2 27th November 2016 Written Update:

In the next day morning, all people are getting wake up and then gather in a hall room where all people are talking to each other about fast. Rocky comes there and then says I will keep this fast for Shivangi’s better and healthy life. Shesha gets jealous and then says that I will also keep this fast. Rocky says to Shivangi to please eat something because you won’t eat anything in a whole day.

Suddenly, Avantika is coming there and asks for the fruits. Yamini asks where is Vikram, why can’t he come here? She says Vikram is in swimming pool and he won’t come outside before 2 hours. So you just chill and let me to eat food. Here Shivangi is going to kill Vikram. Avantika says to Yamini that I am going to sleep.

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